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Dream Big Darling Announces 2022 ‘FLOurish’ Program

Scholarship applications are now open for this personal assessment program designed to mentor future leaders of the wine and spirits industry.

Dream Big Darling and The Millinger Group announced FLOurish 2022, a personalized assessment program for emerging women leaders in the wine and spirits industry. Qualified individuals are now invited to apply for one of 17 FLOurish scholarships. They will provide full-ride access to this innovative coaching and mentorship experience.

Co-creators of FLOurish program: Rona Millinger of The Millinger Group, Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins, President of Dream Big Darling & Principal of Full Cup Solutions.

Launching last year, the FLOurish program proved to be an immediate success. “We saw amazing results in our first year of this innovative program,” said Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins, founder of Dream Big Darling. “It was such a joy to see our scholarship participants come out of this experience with so much hope and momentum.”

Wittstrom-Higgins and Rona Millinger, founder and president of The Millinger Group, created the FLOurish scholarships. Millinger originally developed the FLOurish program in honor of her professional mentor, Florence Pramberger. Pramberger was a former human resources leader for Seagram’s, Beam and Mast-Jägermeister, where she was known as the “FLOmeister.”

“I believe that personalized coaching and development programs are one of the most effective ways to develop the leaders of tomorrow,” Millinger said. “The FLOurish program doesn’t only accelerate professional success. It fosters personal growth in a way that’s as personal and unique as each participant.”

Scholarships now open

A minimum of 17 full-ride scholarships to FLOurish 2022 are available, providing access to 10 virtual coaching and assessment sessions. The program kicks off on July 12 and concludes with graduation in February 2023.

Here is the application. Additionally, the full program outline (PDF) is available for download here.

The value of each scholarship is $4,000.

In short, applications are open to women in the wine and spirits industry eager to learn, grow and make meaningful contributions to the industry. The deadline to submit applications is May 31, 2022.

The graduates of last year’s inaugural FLOurish program speak to the profound impact of the experience.

“I learned so many things about myself as a professional and how to apply those attributes to better myself and my career,” said Caitlin Burdick, one of last year’s FLOurish graduates. “Most importantly, the tools and insights I learned are extremely valuable. I’ll carry these with me for years to come.”

“The FLOurish scholarship was an invaluable growth tool that will teach me for years to come. Above all, I was able to feel confident in my potential, refine my processes and identify areas to become a more formidable leader,” added Marlena Blitz, another graduate.

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A winning team

Further, this year marks the second of Mast-Jägermeister US’s six-year investment totaling $340,000 to support Florence Pramberger’s legacy. “Florence left us too early after a fight with cancer,” Millinger said. “So I want to continue giving what Florence no longer can: coaching, development and guidance for women looking to contribute and advance in their work and personal lives.”

“I’m so excited that Mast-Jägermeister stepped up in such a big way to help us mentor the next generation of leaders,” Wittstrom-Higgins added. “I wish that I had access to a program like this when I began my career.”

About Dream Big Darling:

Our mission is to engage, inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders in the wine and spirits industry. Visit

About The Millinger Group:

The Millinger Group is a full-service woman-owned human resources consulting firm. Visit

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