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Dismantling Barriers in “Closing the Gender Investment Gap”

Reflect on this: women launch 50 percent of businesses, but they only receive 1.9 percent of all venture capital funding. Not depressing enough for you? This is actually lower than the peak in 2018—2.5 percent. Even at its highest point, the disparity is staggering. It not only highlights the challenging landscape of female entrepreneurship but also stresses the urgency of change. Closing the funding gap is no longer a matter of debate—it’s a mission we all need to fight for to create a more inclusive and equitable future.

Step into this crucial conversation with our recording of “Closing the Gender Investment Gap,” led by Amy Spurling, Founder and CEO of Compt. As a tech veteran with over two decades of experience, her insights on venture capital unveil harsh truths. For instance, Massachusetts ranks 45th in funding for female founders—a statistic that defies reason. This is a nationwide problem.

What can we do? Or, rather… what can you do?

Spurling and her collaborators are spearheading transformation through legislation. We previously wrote about bills in Massachusetts and California that hope to create funding equity for female founders. These bills want to level the playing field for businesses everywhere. And you can show your support—make a difference—right now.

If you have 30 seconds… sign this petition saying that you support legislation to close the gender gap. Activists need the bill to garner as much support as possible.

If you have 30 more seconds… sign up for the team’s newsletter and stay informed on the fight.

If you have five minutes… leave a quote on why gender equity matters to you. These can be anonymous, if you prefer.

If you have 15 minutes… find your local senator or representative and send them an email to stress the importance of supporting this legislation. Constituent advocacy is incredibly effective. Spurling and her team have a template to get you started.

If you have a few hours… visit the state house and speak to a representative directly! If you’re able to go, sign up on this sheet.

The path to a more equitable entrepreneurial landscape is paved with our collective work. Let’s seize this opportunity. Together, we can bridge the gap, empower the underrepresented and build a business world that truly thrives for everyone.

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