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It’s time to build the best-selling course of your dreams! Whether you’re a brand new creator or a seasoned expert, Gina Onativia, Co-Founder and CEO of the Course Creation Boutique, wants to give you the right tools to develop your course and bring it to market. Listen to “Course Creation Incubator,” a weekly podcast bringing you actionable insights on how to reach your audience and create a profitable course.

What is the podcast about?

Course Creation Boutique’s Gina Onativia has helped hundreds of course creators cross the finish line to get their digital programs done and out to market. With each episode, she shares the steps, strategies, tips and tricks that will help you create and launch a successful online course. Tune in and finish your course!

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for professionals, coaches and experts in their fields who want to get their online course up and running. It doesn’t matter if you are already a successful course creator, you’ve just started thinking about creating online courses or you want to grow your online business with online courses. Onativia covers a subject each week to help the audience improve their online course creation and marketing mastery. Some of the topics covered include finding an online course idea, designing an online course or reaching the right audience.

Featured episode – Course Scripting Made Easy

A 7-Step Process to Prevent Course Creation Overwhelm!

If you feel overwhelmed when you sit down to create a lesson for your course, LISTEN UP. Scripting with structure is your answer! This is why I’m breaking down the 7-Step Process to simplify this and prevent the analysis paralysis that can often come with your course creation journey!

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Gina Onativia of the Course Creation Boutique helps experts, speakers and entrepreneurs finish their courses and send them out to the world. Onativia has built programs and content for Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, Bo Eason and ACE (American Council on Exercise). She is the founder of the 6-Week Accelerator: Get Your Starter Online Course Done in Just 6 Weeks. When she’s not creating courses, she’s playing tennis with her Art Director hubby, Alex, and eight-year-old, Tristan.

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