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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Wickedly Smart Women

Meet the influential women changing the world with this podcast.

Who are the women changing the world and shaking up the status quo? Meet them in “Wickedly Smart Women,” a podcast by Anjel B. Hartwell, founder and lead visionary at Creative Age Consulting Group. Hartwell interviews prominent women leaders and guides listeners to become wickedly smart women themselves.

Learn more about the show from Hartwell:

What is the podcast about?

Featuring the world’s most impressive emerging and established women, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the creative age leaders and “wickedly smart women” making a massive difference in the world! Listeners who are wickedly smart women “in the making” tune in to be well fed with dynamic wisdom, legendary modeling and immediately actionable steps. They learn how to be smarter, spunkier and more successful in their impact, leadership, careers, health, relationships, creativity and sexuality. They can feel empowered and enthusiastic in every area of their lives.

Wickedly Smart Women is where we strive to support women. We want to connect with their capacity for conscious change, care deeply and have the courage to take action. They can wholeheartedly contribute to what matters most: thriving relationships and work that is playful and profitable.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Wickedly Smart Women is an Internationally #1 Ranked two-time award-winning show that’s been downloaded in 87 countries. It’s for women (and very wise men!) who are interested in being inspired and motivated. They receive actionable steps to create conscious change in their lives and take inspired action on their own dreams.

Featured episode – Overcome Money Shame & Trust Yourself Again—with Michelle Atlas

Are you struggling with debt? Or simply having a hard time creating money flow in your business? What can you do to overcome the shame you feel around money and learn to trust yourself again?

Michelle Atlas is the business mentor and spiritual guide behind Michelle Atlas Coaching, a practice designed to help intuitive women entrepreneurs reclaim their self-trust and transform their relationship with money.

In this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Michelle joins Anjel to explain what caused her own feelings of shame around money and share the powerful experience of self-forgiveness that turned things around for her. She weighs in on why it’s impossible to sustain a business without a foundation of self-trust, describing how we create debt by spending out of alignment with our nature. Listen in for Michelle’s insight on identifying your money archetype and learn to reclaim the self-trust you need to create money flow in your business! 


Anjel B. Hartwell, known as The Wealthy Life Mentor, is an artist, author and evolutionary alchemist. Honored as a Be The Change “Movement To Watch” Award Winner and considered one of America’s Premier Experts, she has appeared multiple times in major media outlets. She is the creator, executive producer and host of the 2020 People’s Choice & 2021 Communicator Award-Winning & Apple #1 Internationally ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast. Hartwell consults with high-achieving leaders who are called to be the vanguard of the creative age.

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