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How can you help your employees thrive? Host a "work revolution."

The workplace needs a rework. In “Work Revolution,” Debra Adey, Facilitator, Coach and Consultant, explores the ways an outdated work environment can hold us back. How can you define your company culture to make it more equitable and efficient? Learn more about the podcast directly from the creator and sample a featured episode below:

What is Work Revolution about?

What’s getting in the way of people harnessing their full potential, creativity, talent and motivation to do great work? The workplace. These are candid conversations with industry experts and everyday people about what’s going on in workplaces today and what needs to change in response to our rapidly changing world. We focus on equity, especially gender equity, and the science behind leadership, engagement and performance that can liberate human potential.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for anyone interested in becoming a conscientious leader and contributing to an equitable organizational culture where all employees thrive. We challenge the status quo using lived experiences and the latest in behavioral and brain science. The podcast debunks traditional approaches to management and leadership and reimages a better path forward. It will also be helpful to those thinking about how to take charge of their career and navigate tricky situations and organizational obstacles while acting with integrity.

Featured episode – Women’$ Worth

Kristine Beese, founder of Untangle Money, talks about the wage gap, the wealth gap and the power gap. Beese also shares her career journey from engineering to capital markets to entrepreneurship, including some harrowing tales of being a nice woman in a bro culture.


Debra Adey is a Career Strategist and outspoken advocate for humanizing the workplace. She has spent over 20 years in the talent solutions industry in roles that have combined recruitment, HR consulting, account management, career coaching, learning and facilitation. She holds a business degree and certifications in Human Resources Management and Adult Learning and Development. Throughout her career, Adey has supported hundreds of individuals and many organizations during times of significant change. As founder of Work Revolution, she is helping job seekers and leaders pivot in the new world of work. While grounded at home during the pandemic, Adey launched the Work Revolution podcast. She explores the dysfunction in today’s workplaces and what needs to change so that individuals can be empowered to do great work.

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