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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs: Coach with Clarity

Before you help others, learn how to help yourself – and develop a winning coaching strategy.

Regardless of industry, coaching requires business knowledge and people skills to lead clients to success. It’s no easy task. That’s why Founder and CEO Lee Chaix McDonough launched her business, Coach with Clarity. She helps other coaches define their vision and purpose to improve their work. In her podcast of the same name, McDonough hosts discussions and interviews on mindset, certifications, content plans and more.

Read on to learn more about the show:

What is the podcast about?

Welcome to the Coach with Clarity podcast! I’m Lee Chaix McDonough, an ICF-credentialed coach, former therapist and mentor for intuitive coaches and healers. I’ll be your guide as you cultivate both the skill set and the mindset needed to transform your clients’ lives – and your own.

To build and grow a sustainable, profitable and fulfilling coaching practice, you need the right blend of powerful coaching skills and savvy business strategy. On the Coach with Clarity Podcast, discover exactly what it takes to be a transformational coach and a successful business owner. Whether you’re brand new to the world of coaching or you’re looking to grow or scale your business, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to take your coaching to the next level. It’s time to become a Coach with Clarity.

Featured episode – Hitting a Plateau – How to Help Our Clients (and Ourselves) Get Unstuck

How you are feeling about your coaching practice? If you’ve lost the energy you used to have for your work, you might have hit a plateau. We’ve all experienced that feeling of being stuck. It’s a normal part of a growth cycle. When it does happen, it can be hard to look at it through that lens. In this episode, I’m talking about what it means to hit a plateau. Learn the telltale signs of feeling stuck and the techniques we can use for ourselves or our clients. You can get unstuck and figure out how to break through to the next phase of your journey.


Lee Chaix McDonough is the CEO and Founder of Coach With Clarity, a training and education company for life and business coaches. She is also the host of the Coach with Clarity podcast and author of the book “ACT On Your Business: Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness”. After over a decade as a clinical social worker and public health professional, McDonough became credentialed as a coach through the International Coach Federation. She now provides ICF-accredited continuing coach education for intuitive, heart-centered coaches. Her Coach with Clarity framework fuses meaning, mindset and mindfulness with grounded intuition and solid business strategy to help coaches and clients excel at entrepreneurship and transform their lives.

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