fine is a 4 letter word
fine is a 4 letter word
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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – FINE is a 4-Letter Word

Is your life stuck in a rut? Learn how to move beyond only feeling "fine."

Is everything in your life just… fine? You’ve weathered the ups and downs, and feel like everything is (somewhat) under control right now. How can we escape that middle ground? Try “FINE is a 4-Letter Word,” a podcast hosted by Lori Saitz, CEO of Zen Rabbit. Saitz connects with other women who were previously stuck in a job or relationship that was “fine.” Together, they discuss how to push past monotony and create a life that feels “fantastic” instead.

Read on to learn more about the show from Saitz:

What is “FINE is a 4-Letter Word” about?

The podcast shares stories of self-discovery and courage from Gen-X women who took the leap to move from fine to fantastic. Whether their “FINE” was a marriage, a job, a health condition or any other life circumstance, some jumped proactively and others were pushed off. Some have landed on fantastic and others are still in mid-air. All are grateful to not still be stuck at fine. This show will give you hope. It helps you find your passion and purpose and dare you to see the life that’s waiting for you. You’ll never hear – or say – the word “fine” in the same way again.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

I started the podcast with Gen-X women in mind. (Specifically, those who are in their 40s and 50s, because Gen-X doesn’t even know what generation they are – HA HA)! These Gen-X women walk around saying everything is FINE, when in reality, there’s a dumpster fire going on inside them. The ones who’ve been living by someone else’s playbook and compromising who they are. After 20 years in a marriage or at a job that isn’t fulfilling, with kids moving out and parents passing away, they’re wondering, “Is this who I’m supposed to be? Where did that other girl – the fun one from spring break in Fort Lauderdale – go?”

Featured episode – Do What Lights You Up; Messages from Snakes and Scorpions

This energizing conversation is with Tabitha A. Scott, an award-winning international advisor, speaker and best-selling author. We talk about the intersection of science and spirituality in regards to energy. Animals can help you find answers – in Tab’s case, it’s been snakes and scorpions. We discuss what you can do to achieve purposeful transformation, one small bite at a time.


Lori Saitz is the CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “FINE is a 4-Letter Word.” She’s an award-winning writer and broadcaster, and a nationally recognized expert in using gratitude and meditation to manifest your goals faster. Through her transformational F*ck Being Fine Experience, she guides Gen-Xers to find the clarity and strength needed to live the next 20 years differently than they’ve lived the last 20. They can live life by their own rules and stop lying to themselves and compromising who they are. When she’s not working, you can find Lori in the weight room at the gym, because she also loves baking and eating.

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