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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Mindful Businesses

Your business is more than its environmental footprint. Learn how to create strategic sustainability.

We all want to work towards creating a better environment, but tackling that problem feels overwhelming. How can we keep our business operations green and sustainable? Vidhya Iyer, owner and designer for Bootmakers, started her podcast to answer that question. In Mindful Businesses, Iyer interviews other companies developing green products and technologies to hear their stories. Whether you want to make your own business environmentally friendly or learn about innovations in the market, this show is for you.

What is the show about?

Looking for insight into how green businesses can work sustainably? This is your podcast. We seek out innovators in the business sector who have brought new green technologies to the market and find out their challenges, struggles and pathways to success. The stories are informative for business owners and revealing to consumers seeking green products. Mindful Businesses is in its 8th season and is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and on your favorite podcast listening app.

The podcast is ranked amongst the top 5 percent worldwide. Our listeners are worldwide with our guests from 18 countries and five different countries. We are rated #12 amongst the top 20 sustainable podcasts.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

There are so many paths and nuances to being a mindful consumer or business. In our podcast, businesses learn about new and upcoming sustainable practices and consumers learn about new green businesses. Our listeners are men and women between 24–64 years of age.

Featured episode – Diaspora Co., Building a Better Spice Trade

The original intent of colonial conquest of the Indian subcontinent was a desire for domination of the spice trade. Over 600 years later, as a young woman born and raised in postcolonial Mumbai, Sana Javeri Kadri works at the intersection of food and culture. Javeri Kadri is the founder of Diaspora Co. and was slowly discovering that not much about that system had changed. Farmers made no money, spices changed hands upwards of 10 times between farmer and consumer and the final spice on the shelf was usually an old, dusty and flavorless shadow of what it once was. Living a life between two worlds – India and USA – she mindfully impacts lives in both places. Listen to Javeri Kadri’s passion in this episode.


Vidhya Iyer is the owner and designer for Bootmakers, creating custom-made leather boots and Oxford shoes. In wanting to make her own business more sustainable, Iyer couldn’t find a podcast that answered her questions. While doing research, she spoke to so many interesting people that making the Mindful Businesses podcast just made sense. Iyer wanted everyone to know how they can become better business owners and consumers. She spends her time between Philadelphia, PA; West Lafayette, IN and Mumbai, India.

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