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the chemical show
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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – The Chemical Show

Listen to this industry expert's podcast and dive into the evolving field of chemicals and plastics.

The chemical industry constantly changes with new discoveries. How can you stay on top of the trends and sharpen your knowledge? Turn to The Chemical Show, a podcast by Victoria Meyer, President of Progressio Global. Through interviews with experts in the field, Meyer covers everything from the best business practices to the future of sustainability.

Read on to learn more about the show from Meyer:

What is the podcast about?

Welcome to The Chemical Show, a podcast focused on the business of chemicals. Featuring interviews with industry executives, you’ll hear about the key trends impacting chemicals and plastics today: growth, sustainability, innovation, transformation, digitalization, global supply chains, strategic marketing and much more. Hosted by Victoria Meyer, The Chemical Show brings you the latest insights into the industry. You will hear from leading industry executives as they discuss their companies, business, markets and leadership. You’ll learn how chemical and plastics companies are making an impact, responding to the changing business environment and discussing best practices and approaches you can apply in your business.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The Chemical Show is conversational and relatable. It is perfect for people (executives, business leaders, up-and-comers) in the chemical and plastics industry AND for those that would just like to know more about leadership, business and sustainability. The Chemical Show features interviews with leaders across the industry discussing leadership, sustainability, digitization and more.

Featured episode – Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis with Brad Beauchamp

How have you been coping with COVID-19 that began in earnest during 2020? Many companies found themselves in desperate situations during the pandemic. As President and CEO of Carpenter Company, Brad Beauchamp is no different! He had to figure out how to keep the company afloat when sales hit rock bottom. If you want to learn how to lead your team more efficiently through challenging times, this episode is for you. Brad sits down with Victoria Meyer to share two critical strategies that helped keep the company stay afloat: interpersonal connection and making good decisions. Tune in and discover how you can excel in both and come out equipped to face the aftermath of this crisis!


Victoria Meyer is the founder and president of Progressio Global and host of The Chemical Show podcast. Meyer is an expert in chemical markets, strategy and growth. For over 25 years as a corporate executive, she helped companies like Shell, LyondellBasell and Clariant align corporate goals and individual motivations to deliver growth and transformation. With Progressio Global, she helps chemical executives achieve breakthrough results on critical business goals. Working at the intersection of strategy, markets and execution, Meyer helps chemical companies gain clarity and alignment in their organization to successfully implement business strategies, enter new markets and transform their company.

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