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chatting over chowder
Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Chatting Over Chowder

What do podcasters listen to in their free time? And how did they get started? In Chatting Over Chowder, you can learn from women in the industry.

Every day, millions of listeners tune in to their favorite podcasts on everything from business and finance to scams and cereal. You probably have your own go-to list. But who do podcasters listen to? “Chatting Over Chowder” answers that question. Bethany Hawkins and Sharoline Galva of Crackers in Soup connect with women in the podcasting industry. Guests talk about their favorite shows and their path to podcasting – all while enjoying chowder or soup.

Read on to learn more about the show from Hawkins:

What is the podcast about?

Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren’t working on their own shit? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to… all while eating chowder (or soup).

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for everyone (but mostly women) who are interested in learning how to get into the podcasting industry. Not only as a host – but as an editor, copywriter or attorney. It provides proof that no matter what your stage in life, if you have a desire to break into this industry, it can happen!

Featured episode – The Healing Power of Podcasting with Latrice Sampson Richards

The Healing Power of Podcasting with Latrice Sampson Richards Latrice Sampson Richards is dynamic, amazing and HYSTERICAL! No wonder every podcasting network is trying to get her on their employee roster!

Latrice Sampson Richards, LPC-S, CLC is a Mental and Emotional Wellness Creative, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (Louisiana), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Florida) and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach. She is the host of Unicorns Talk Podcast and serves as the Lead Event Consultant for the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival. She is a producer for the Vanguard Podcast Network, and project manager for ABF Creative, a 2021 Webby Award winning podcast production house.

Join us as we chat about:

  • Why Latrice strapped her soup into a seat with a seatbelt
  • How she got from “I hated my voice” to “I’m a damn good podcaster”
  • The importance of her using her therapist transferable skills to assist other podcasters
  • The necessity of finding your people in the podcasting journey
  • The power of people believing in you
  • How you never know who is listening to you


Bethany Hawkins is the CEO and Founder of Crackers In Soup. Crackers in Soup is a podcast management company. Its mission is to assist women podcast hosts that need the best “F” word known in the English Language: FREEDOM. Freedom from doing all the things in her podcast! Since its inception, Crackers In Soup has worked on over 50 podcasts from creating cover art to assisting to post-recording production and everything in between… including launches.

Hawkins is also the co-host of Chatting Over Chowder. Even though they only dropped their first episode in January 2021, they already have over 1.7K downloads and are in their second season!

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