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When there’s always more work to do, how can you find your footing? The “Strategic Momentum” podcast helps you achieve meaningful work-life fit in an ever-changing world. Hear inspiring stories, actionable tips and pragmatic advice from those who excel at the work. Connie Steele, Future of Work and Life Expert, wants to help you break through your business and career challenges to reach your growth potential.

What is the podcast about?

Uncertainty is now the new certainty. In today’s landscape, there’s a fundamental shift from conformity to individual agency so that we can truly be our whole selves. How do we create the right professional and personal momentum? How do we align our passions and growth potential to deliver the impact we want? On the Strategic Momentum podcast, forward-thinking leaders and creators share tips, stories and advice on how they redefined success to help them progress the way they wanted.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Strategic Momentum is for the next generation of leaders who are seeking advice as they look to progress professionally and personally. This podcast provides valuable perspectives, tips and advice from experts and leaders on how to overcome career and business challenges.

Featured episode: Episode 107 – Free Time: How to Reduce Overwhelm, Burnout, & Busywork – with Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is a podcaster and author who helps entrepreneurs move from friction to flow through smarter systems, powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. Her third book, “Free Time,” launched on March 22.

It’s easy to get caught up in just getting things done without really stopping to think how it could get done faster or better—or if you’re really the right person to be getting it done at all. “Free Time” is made specifically for people who are struggling with busy work. This is what Jenny calls the bottleneck in the way of your profit and potential.

After reading the book, I’ve been thinking about my business and what I do in it completely differently. I’m so excited for the rest of the world to get ahold of this.

Remember the three components of the Free Time framework:

  • Align—should you be doing this in the first place? If something about the work is not aligned, how can you realign it and recalibrate? Think about how you are systematizing the spirit of your business. Remember, there’s no point in optimizing something that no longer needs to be done.
  • Design—get clarity and be intentional in designing how you’re going to tackle the work before you start.
  • Assign—ensure you can stay focused on the work that you’re uniquely gifted to do. Delegate everything else that you can. 
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Connie Steele is a Future of Work and Life Expert. She helps individuals and corporations get unstuck in today’s society, showing them how to confidently move forward in accomplishing their goals. She’s the Principal and Co-Founder of the management consultancy Flywheel Associates, author of the book Building the Business of You: A System to Align Passion and Growth Potential through Your Own Career Mashup and host of the Strategic Momentum podcast. Her perspectives and advice have appeared in Forbes, TechRound, Shondaland and Authority Magazine. Learn more about Connie at

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