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Your fear doesn’t have to control you—that’s the driving message author, podcaster and coach Amy Debrucque wants to impart with her work. Through the “Life On Purpose Podcast,” Debrucque shares stories to pick you up and encourage you when anxiety feels insurmountable. Tune in to hear her conversations with experts on how to bring more courage and confidence into your everyday life.

What is the podcast about?

Life on Purpose is a bi-monthly podcast that features stories that encourage others to know that they are not alone with life’s struggles and that their circumstances don’t define them. The mission of Life On Purpose is to spread the good news that although fear is normal, courage gets the final say. This podcast tackles anxiety, fear and purpose from experts who have made it their mission to overcome fear through adversity and surrender.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

Life On Purpose offers more than just a conversation. It offers hope and encourages fellowship through relevant and relatable topics such as grief, joy, marriage, parenting, careers, friendship and community. It sets up the listener for a successful next step towards living their life on purpose by offering additional resources with each episode and topic.

Featured episode: Alicia Michelle – Self-Sabotage

In this episode, Alicia Michelle and I dive into the topic of self-sabotage. This is a familiar place where most of us have found ourselves at one time or another and sometimes can get stuck. As a Neurocoach, Michelle offers practical ways to tackle self-sabotage at its core before it tackles us.

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Debrucque is an author, speaker, cancer survivor, believer and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast. She coaches both women and men with her Confidence Course and offers encouragement in her book Embolden, a four-week reflection journal meant to meet women where they are but not leave them there, her weekly newsletter and free resources. Debrucque has been featured in various publications including, and ThriveGlobal as well as many podcasts. In addition to her professional roles, her most cherished roles are being a wife to Ron and a mom to Blair, Sam, Ethan and Adeline.

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