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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – One Broken Mom

The podcast One Broken Mom explores how mental health and trauma shape us – and how to heal from that.

Within the past few years, we’ve seen a societal shift towards talking openly about mental health. Honest conversations are the most effective way of breaking that stigma. Today’s podcast feature is One Broken Mom, hosted by Ameé Quiriconi, the founder of Activity Girl, LLC. Quiriconi interviews mental health professionals and researchers in a show that’s described as “punk rock meets mental health and parenting.”

Learn more about the show directly from the creator and sample a featured episode:

What is the podcast about?

One Broken Mom was created after personal transformation spurred me on to create a revolution in how we talk about trauma and mental health. The shows are direct and honest conversations with leading therapists, researchers and advocates. We discuss trauma, emotional neglect, narcissistic abuse, relationships, suicide prevention, parenting, co-dependency and more. As a leader and entrepreneur, I also speak to how trauma impacts us in our work lives and experiences. The topics are serious. But the goal is to balance candor, boldness, empathy and even a sense of humor to each interview. Listeners learn to make changes in their personal and professional lives by gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the people around them.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The podcast has been really important for anyone who is healing from or discovering how the trauma, adversities and dysfunctions of our families and childhood are impacting us today as adults, parents and professionals.

Featured episode – Adult Children of Emotionally-Immature Parents with Dr. Lindsay Gibson

Noted author and therapist, Dr. Lindsay Gibson, is back to talk with Quiriconi about life as an adult who had emotionally-immature parents. When a child is in an environment that leaves them starved of the emotional connections they need to develop properly, they find ways to survive. However, these survival mechanisms or adaptions to the environment become the norm and carry through into our adult life. Without developing self-awareness and understanding the types of parents we had and the environment we grew up in, we are apt to continue to relive or recreate our conditions over and over again. Listen as Quiriconi and Dr. Gibson talk about the types of coping styles children develop. They also discuss how those strategies influence us as adults in parenting, romantic relationships and life in general.


Ameé Quiriconi is a business and leadership coach and consultant. She is also the author of “The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Be a Courageous, Authentic, and Unstoppable Entrepreneur”. After overcoming her own personal and professional struggles, including CPTSD from childhood trauma, Quiriconi became an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness. She hosts a weekly podcast called One Broken Mom. The show tackles mental health and the impact of trauma and dysfunction on our lives today.

Through her work with clients across many industries – from companies with hundreds of employees to mompreneurs – Quiriconi knows firsthand the importance of balancing professional growth with personal development. Her innovative approach helps clients bridge the gap between their “business self” and their “authentic self”. Quiriconi is also a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, women in business and trauma-informed leadership practices for individuals and organizations.

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