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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Bridge to U: Understanding & Black Unity

Monique Russell connects with people around the world for Black unity and solidarity.

Podcasting is a medium with a global reach – bringing hosts, guests and listeners together to hear honest and inspiring conversations. Today’s podcast feature is Bridge to U: Understanding & Black Unity by Monique Russell, Executive Communications Coach at Clear Communication Solutions. Russell invites leaders and experts from around the world to discuss how they embrace Black unity.

Read on to learn more about the show and sample a featured episode!

What is the podcast about?

Bridge to U: Understanding & Black Unity is about connecting through understanding and unity. Our guests have subscribed to Black unity and solidarity worldwide. They have opted out of the narrative of Black division among the Caribbean, American and African peoples. They share inspiring stories of awakening moments, curiosity and challenges they have overcome in the race to discover their higher self and calling.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The podcast is for Black professionals seeking ways to understand emotional intelligence, and diversity and inclusion through stories of empowerment and abundance. It’s also for allies who want to gain understanding into diaspora cultures.

Featured episode – Unfailing Courage to Love All Things Africa Despite the Odds

In this episode, Russell speaks with Wode Maya, a popular Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger and aeronautical engineer.

His love for the continent of Africa came from being in an environment of toxic hate for his homeland. Disguising himself as anything but African in order to get a job, eat and survive was a necessary way of life while living in China. His desire to educate about the continent of Africa led him to see for himself the beauty in the countries. He went on a self-funded pilgrimage and captured the beauty of the continent on video. By having the courage to be himself, love himself and connect to his purpose, he has been able to maintain resilience through the obstacles he faces of building a bridge between black people worldwide.


Monique Russell is the communications expert you want on your team. She teaches women leaders and teams how to have positive and productive relationships at home and work using effective communications tools and strategies. Russel is passionate about serving Black and Women Employee Resource Groups. Organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, the Centers for Disease Control, Verizon, Intel, Equifax, and Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, the world’s busiest airport, trust Russell to guide them. Together, they implement communication strategies that foster connection, community, creativity and courage. You can too. She leads Clear Communication Solutions, is the author of the Ultimate Speaker’s Guide and the book Intentional Motherhood: Who Said it Would Be Easy, and host of the Bridge to U podcast. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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