minding your business
minding your business
Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Minding Your Business

Support or own a small business? Learn more about the industry with this podcast!

Small businesses are the heart of communities across America. Jodi-Tatiana Charles, global speaker, marketing strategist‏, podcast host and author, shared her podcast with us to acknowledge those efforts. In Minding Your Business, Charles supports those small businesses by sharing stories to help elevate each other up to new heights.

What is Minding Your Business about?

Small businesses and startups globally share personal stories and business journeys in our new normal. Minding Your Business is an innovative podcast that provides a crucial resource for small businesses of all sizes at any stage in a variety of industries around the world. It recognizes the benefit of sharing their stories and strategies in order to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. She launched this podcast at the start of the pandemic to empower this community to engage with a wider audience utilizing a platform that provides them with a voice that most traditional media does not provide.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The podcast is for all those that believe in and support entrepreneurs, innovators, small businesses and startups. In listening you will learn about “people in your neighborhood”, their journey before the business, the highs and lows while in the business and the lessons that they share for the next generation of business owners.

Featured episode – Meet Mutt’s Sauce, LLC servant leader and air force veteran Charlynda Scales (Ohio-USA)

My grandfather, Charlie “Mutt” Ferrell, Jr. created an all-purpose specialty sauce in 1956. In 2013, I learned that I inherited the coveted recipe. He didn’t leave me any instructions, but I’m humbled by his trust and belief in me. I used my business background to create Mutt’s Sauce, LLC. We now distribute three flavors of Mutt’s Sauce across the U.S.

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Jodi-Tatiana Charles of LCG Brands brings 30+ years of executive leadership in marketing, branding, and communication successes with high-profile organizations. These include the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, MassChallenge Inc., Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Massachusetts Conference for Women, NBC Universal/Comcast TV, and Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Radio. Charles added additional hats as a children’s book author, with her first book, “It’s Just A Rug” educating children about their heritage. She also launched her podcast Minding Your Business at the start of the pandemic in support of entrepreneurs and innovators.

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