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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Create and Grow Rich Podcast

Through her podcast, Genein Letford teaches companies and entrepreneurs how to develop Intercultural Creativity for their teams.

Genein Letford, M.Ed., Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, believes in the power of Intercultural Creativity. Letford and her team train organizations on how they can think about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) goals in creative ways. She hosts the Create and Grow Rich Podcast to give you tips and advice on how to incorporate Intercultural Creativity into your workplace.

What is the Create and Grow Rich Podcast about?

Welcome to CAFFE’s Create and Grow Rich podcast. Since the wealth of your organization depends on the creative inclusive health of its team members, we are here to give you the most up-to-date strategies of Intercultural Creativity in the workplace and entrepreneurship. The podcast’s mission is to equip organizations with strategies to support their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals. Intercultural Creativity is a unique type of training. It develops intercultural competence (needed for inclusion and belonging) primarily using creative thinking strategies and cognitive processes. Listen to our guests’ entrepreneurship stories, get educated in Intercultural Creativity, increase your creative courage and learn how your creative health affects your financial wealth!

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

We need new ideas! Creative thinking is now the top skill needed in the workforce. But creativity cannot thrive unless there is a culture of psychological safety and belonging. Intercultural Creativity creates that environment while developing creative thinking at the same time. I’m here to equip your attendees with this skill. Courage and creativity are contagious, so listening to our guests’ stories will inspire your own creativity.

Featured episode – Building Your Creative Imagination for Leadership with Dr. Gloria Chance

Imagination is the engine of creative thinking and Dr. Gloria Chance is key a leader for imagination development. She had to imagine how to move the banking industry online. As the titleholder of ‘The Most Powerful Woman In Banking’, she is a positive creative force to reckon with. Her work, research and signature ‘A Walk In My Shoes’ experience combines self-reflection, creative arts and imagination training with powerful DE&I development. Every business leader should take heed to her insight. As the CEO of the Mousai Group, Fortune 50 companies constantly seek out her expertise. She sheds light on the creative development organizations need to transition and move this nation, and this world, forward.

Check out another podcast pick, Bridge to U: Understanding & Black Unity, for more discussions on inclusion and connection.

About the host

As the 2019 LA Lakers Business Woman and the 2015 CA Charter Teacher of the Year, Genein Letford is a national thought leader and creator of the concept of ‘Intercultural Creativity’. She is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, LLC. The company trains C-Suite executives and employees to create sustainable organizational equity and inclusion strategies while unleashing their innovative thinking for themselves and in their businesses. Her 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity is a leading framework that encourages corporations in their diversity and inclusion development while developing critical cognitive tools for creative thinking.

Her first book, “From Debt To Destiny: Creating Financial Freedom From the Inside Out” connects creative thinking to financial agility and was an international bestseller in five finance categories. Letford believes creative thinking thrives best in an inclusive environment. Others often call her ‘America’s Creative Coach’ for her work in reigniting intercultural creativity within our workforce.

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