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Why Businesses Should Use Twitter To Engage Their Audience?

We chatted with Liane Caruso of The CRUSH Agency about why businesses should up their social media ante by better utilizing Twitter.
Why Businesses Should Use Twitter to Engage Their Audience? - Lioness Magazine
Liane Caruso of The CRUSH Agency

Technology is playing a very influential role in society and is predicted to stay that way for many generations. Mass communication technology has made it more accessible and effortless to connect with people all over the world. Social media is no longer used to converse with just friends or family. Businesses are using social networks to find other ways to engage their audience, Twitter being one of the dominant mediums. Liane Caruso, an experienced marketing communications specialist of The CRUSH Agency, said that technology is having a great impact on our society.

The CRUSH Agency, based in Tampa, Florida and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania is known for exceling in online marketing through web and optimization strategies, and social media networking. They use networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ to achieve their business goals. We chatted with Caruso about why businesses should up their social media anti by better utilizing Twitter. Here’s what she taught us:

  1. Twitter can greatly enhance businesses by allowing the company to position itself as a resource and a thought leader in whichever industry you’re promoting or trying to attract. Furthermore, it allows you to promote your blog, your clients, your colleagues, your partners and allows you to engage with those interested in what you do.
  2. By promoting yourself in as many ways as possible your name and what you do becomes more recognized. The more often a client has seen or heard of yourself then the more known your company is and will then be the one people have in mind when they are ready to do business. Therefore, the tweets businesses decide to post in order to spark conversations with their audience are essential. Businesses can engage their audience by asking questions or promoting new trends and sharing blogs. By sharing information that is resourceful to other businesses that company is allowing itself to be the ‘go to’ for others to ask questions or rely on by sharing the most relevant and up-to-date info, especially in an industry that’s ever changing. It’s very difficult to keep up with social media and digital marketing, so it is important for businesses to make sure they’re on top of the changes and let their followers and fans know what’s new.
  3. Businesses that commit to using Twitter means they’re allowing their Twitter profile reflect their business identity. This allows businesses to choose how they want their identity to be viewed. They are able to reflect a quirky and fun personality into most of our posts and engagements so people know there is a personality behind their brand. With that businesses must ask themselves what kind of people to follow and how to decide to follow? The CRUSH Agency stated as a business they follow other thought leaders in marketing, branding and social media. They follow those who are talking about marketing (through hash tags). Businesses follow the media and publications so that they can stay up to date on news and happenings. There is also the chance that by following different businesses and verticals your business may be interested in doing business with those you follow. Another helpful feature about Twitter is that you’re able to check the progress of your business. Twitter has analytics tied to its platform so you can always see how you’re performing through analyzing the data. This goes to show that social media isn’t all that bad after all. When used in a mature responsible way it can offer several opportunities to help benefit individuals.

Amanda Lopez is a 21-year-old Western New England University senior from Windsor, Conn. Her major is English and she currently is an intern for Lioness Magazine. 

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