Business Rules: Make Your Business Credible Online

Fine-tune your business over your coffee break with Business Rules! In five minutes of your time, you can walk away with new knowledge for your small business. Nicole Krug of Social Light and Monika Jansen of Jansen Communications have partnered with Lioness to help our readers boost their entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge.

Today’s video discusses the importance of making yourself seem credible online. First impressions are everything, and when you meet someone new, they’ll likely go right to your business website or social media. Not all websites are made equal, though. Krug and Jansen walk through the steps you can take to update your information and appear more credible online.

Tips for seeming more credible online:

  • Credibility relies on appearance – many people make snap decisions based on a website’s design and visuals
  • Have readily available contact info, including your phone and email, to avoid turning people away
  • Have team photos – even if it’s just yourself, people want to know the faces behind the website
  • Utilize trust seals, like verified by McAfee, woman-owned or green-certified
  • Create social proof of credibility such as a portfolio of your work, reviews or testimonials

Looking for more business tips? Keep an eye on our page for more videos or watch the entire Business Rules’ archive on Youtube. You can find Nicole Krug on Twitter and LinkedIn and Monika Jansen on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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