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Book of the Week – The M.A.R.P. Method: Four Steps to Improving Healthcare Value-Based Quality Measures

We all love a good action plan. Dr. Sabrina Dean, DBA, R. N., is the CEO of Dr. Sabrina’s Healthcare Consulting—so she has plenty of experience solving issues within healthcare and business systems. She’s developed The M.A.R.P. Method™, four steps to walk you through a quality master plan for your business ventures. Read “The M.A.R.P. Method: Four Steps to Improving Healthcare Value-Based Quality Measures” for a full breakdown of this strategy.

What is your book about?

Searching for the proper resolution to issues in healthcare, business or even in your personal life? Look no further. The M.A.R.P. Method assists organizations and individuals with solving the core issues of problems.

  • M represents Master Plan and is the first step in solving any problem in an organization.
  • A represents Accomplish which involves working on the master plan.
  • R represents Research which involves reviewing the results and beginning to research the next steps.
  • P represents Perform which involves assessing the master plan in real-time.

The M.A.R.P. Method is a smart, proven and proprietary program designed to solve core issues in any organization or personal life.

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Meet the author

Dr. Sabrina Dean, DBA, R. N. is the author of The M.A.R.P. Method: Four Steps To Improving Healthcare Value-Based Quality Measures, How I Survived COVID-19 While Working on the Frontline and co-author of Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 42 Lessons of Finding and Embracing Your Blessings in Disguise, Vol. 2. A healthcare executive by day, she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wright State University, Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and Doctor of Business Administration from Northcentral University. A Dayton, Ohio native, she is a lover of traveling abroad, listening to smooth jazz and beaches. You can visit her website here.

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