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Book of the Week – Teenage Wastebrand

Teenage Wastebrand will help you get your business to stop struggling and start scaling.

Almost every business owner reaches a point where their company hits stunted growth. In the book “Teenage Wastebrand: How Your Brand Can Stop Struggling and Start Scaling,” Chief Brand Strategist and author Evelyn Starr explains how to surpass and overcome these scenarios when your business struggles to keep up.

What is your book about?

Has your business hit a wall? Teenage Wastebrand shows business owners how to surmount the plateaus that companies experience when their brand hits its awkward adolescent stage. Based on 30 years of marketing experience and extensive study, brand expert Evelyn Starr shows you how to identify what holds your brand back and overcome it. You’ll discover the eight symptoms adolescent brands display (including identity crisis, oversleeping, and suffering from FOMO). Be able to analyze specific questions to help you diagnose the symptom hindering your brand. Gain an understanding of how brands like FedEx, Netflix, Spotify, and Crocs navigated their adolescence to emerge stronger. You’ll learn what business owners like you have done to course-correct their brands and what worked best. Finally, you will be granted access to step-by-step guides to help you exit that stage ready to scale.

Topics include:

  1. Brands and Brand Adolescence
  2. Scenarios That May Masquerade as Brand Adolescence, but Are Not
  3. Having an Identity Crisis
  4. Running with the Wrong Crowd
  5. Acting Self-Centered
  6. Suffering from FOMO and Trying Too Hard to Fit In
  7. Needing to Make New Friends
  8. Defending Your Varsity Team Spot
  9. Oversleeping
  10. Asserting Independence

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

If you need help marketing or building a brand, but would rather go to the dentist than read about it, this book is for you. (No offense to dentists.)

“Applying intuitive lessons from human adolescence to brand-building, Evelyn Starr’s Teenage Wastebrand is a story-driven, example-rich, actionable read!” —Whitney Johnson, Author of Build an A Team

“Teenage Wastebrand is a fun, easy-to-read, and practical guide to solving your brand’s issues and cultivating brand leadership. Evelyn Starr’s brand adolescence concept is an innovative lens for diagnosing why brands fail to scale. It helps them get back on a growth track.” —Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do and FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies

“Evelyn Starr shows you how to bust through walls and breakthrough revenue plateaus. Teenage Wastebrand is a must-read for entrepreneurs working to scale their businesses.” —Jeremy Miller, founder of Sticky Branding, author of Sticky Branding and Brand New Name

Single most important takeaway

If your brand has stalled or plateaued after a good initial run, you are not alone. I’ve encountered many founders who launched businesses in the 1990s and 2000s who have hit a similar wall. Owners who knew their brands were capable of more and could envision that growth, but did not know how to scale the wall and get past it. As you read this book, you’ll be able to see your brand’s issues from a new perspective, one that is easy to relate to. If you’ve parented a teenager, you’ve already seen some of these symptoms in action. Knowing the problem gets you on the road to solving it. I’ll take you further, with approaches to solving the problem based on the symptom your brand has. These actions will help you get your brand unstuck and back to growth mode.

Meet the author

Evelyn Starr is a marketing strategist who specializes in working with brands in adolescence, brands that have stalled after their initial success. She’s a keen observer, researcher, author, coach, consultant, and speaker. Her insights and strategies have propelled initiatives for a range of companies including Dunkin’, Gillette, Hasbro, Laird Superfood, and Harbor Sweets. She holds an MBA from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and a BA in Economics and French from Vassar College. Her passions include travel, reading, writing, yoga, tea, dark chocolate and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in her husband and two children.

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