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Book of the Week – Sway: Implement the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method

Christina Del Villar teaches you how to implement the G.R.I.T. marketing method and help earn your marketing team the hero status it deserves.

Looking for the next great read? We’re showcasing the best business books by members of our sister company Innovation Women.  As a marketer, you bring a lot of value to your company and that impact deserves to be recognized. In her book, “Sway: Implement the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method to Gain Influence and Drive Corporate Strategy,” follow Christina Del Villar as she guides you through understanding and implementing the G.R.I.T. marketing method.

What is your book about?

The Handbook for Effective Marketing Strategy: Simple instructions and no-nonsense to-do lists for seasoned CMOs and newbies alike. Learn go-to-market strategies that boost revenue—and help earn your marketing team the hero status it deserves. G.R.I.T. is a simple framework to increase the influence and control you have over the company strategy, go-to-market strategy, marketing strategy and programs—and ultimately overall company performance.

Topics include:

  1. What a revenue knowledge center is and why marketing needs to be seen as such
  2. How to be a go-to-market warrior and why marketing should own the go-to-market strategy
  3. What the G.R.I.T. marketing method is and how to leverage the framework
  4. How to begin the journey of empowerment in order to gain influence and drive corporate strategy (Map of Influence)
  5. How to show your impact and develop a process for truly showing the value, results and impact of marketing

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Sway is a call to arms for marketing professionals to focus on growing internal influence. For far too long marketing and marketers have been misunderstood and seen as nonessential. When in fact, without marketing, there is no company. By being responsible for everything that leads to bringing in revenue—brand and messaging, website, content, social media, lead gen, customer marketing, communications and all of the systems and workflows to manage it all—marketing literally brings in 100 percent of the revenue. The Sway, the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method and the framework for developing a Map of Influence helps others in the organization see the value marketing and marketing professionals bring to the table.

Single most important takeaway

Take everything you know as a marketer and build your own campaign so that everyone in the company knows the value you bring and the impact you, your team and your programs are having on the overall corporate goals, strategy, and revenue. Essentially market the marketer.

Skip to Page – Page 18: Empowered – Emboldened – Gritty

Marketing professionals need to empower themselves! This is the first step to gaining influence and stepping up to drive the overall corporate and go-to-market strategies. It takes time and a lot of grit, but Sway provides an easy-to-follow framework to start the process.

Meet the author

Christina Del Villar is a Silicon Valley marketing executive, consultant and author who geeks out on helping companies transform, grow and scale, leveraging technology with 25 years of experience at Fortune 100 companies and more than 10 startups. Christina has developed go-to-market and marketing strategies for exponential growth, new product launches, acquisitions and IPOs, particularly for high-growth companies where she leverages her experience and industry perspective to take them to the next level. Christina’s G.R.I.T. marketing method focuses on helping marketing professionals to build smarter programs, be more efficient and exponentially grow revenue to improve overall company performance. She is the author of “Sway: Implement the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method to Gain Influence and Drive Corporate Strategy.”

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