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laughs on wry
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Book of the Week – Laughs On Wry: An Improviser’s Memoir

Bring more humor into your life to overcome daily struggles with the help of this reflective memoir.

Humor can bring us through the worst times. No one knows that better than Lisa David Olson, speaker, business humorist, author (and embarrassing mom). In “Laughs On Wry: An Improviser’s Memoir,” Olson shares how humor saved her life after a history of dark, traumatic events. Finding joy in performing and laughing to escape the pain is something we can all use to cope with our struggles.

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What is “Laughs On Wry” about?

Laughs On Wry, an improviser’s memoir, is full of hysterical snippets from the author’s life, from childhood to the present day. Don’t miss out on this collection of short stories that are certain to spark your own fun memories. Growing up with an alcoholic and abusive mother made for some very dark times. Lisa David Olson shares how humor helped her thrive through the worst incidents. Eventually, humor became her second career. Each short chapter has a life lesson from the view of the author. This book will make you laugh out loud while reading about the fun with telemarketers and the author’s project in bravery.

Laughs On Wry includes the author’s personal learnings throughout the book – as well as a photo section she describes as a Project In Bravery. A portion of book proceeds are donated to a local Family and Children’s Center, toward a program to assist struggling families.

Make choices instead of excuses… and find the laughs in each day.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Laughs On Wry is a book of short stories meant to openly share the hardships and joys of a difficult back story. We all have a story. Let’s connect and support each other through the health of humor.

Single most important takeaway:

“We get one spin in this green and blue marble, so dare yourself daily. Do all the things.”

Meet the author

Humor is a connector with healing benefits. Lisa David Olson is a keynote speaker, podcaster, business humorist and speaking trainer. With her two TEDx Talks released last year, she adds ‘International’ to her speaking roster.

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