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Banish Burnout: Actionable Strategies for the Female Entrepreneur [Recording]

Burnout can be relentless. It’s that feeling of being trapped by exhaustion, anxiety and relentless pressure, where the lines between work and life blur into a haze. It’s the gnawing weight on your shoulders, an endless migraine or swirling in your gut. I’m sure any business owner can relate. In our recent community event, “Banish Burnout to Win in Work & Life,” Dr. Cindy Tsai took us on a journey to confront and conquer entrepreneur burnout. And she spoke from experience – in the past, her own chronic stress left her temporarily blind. What do you even do when your stress hits such an intense peak?

Attendees learned how to recognize their fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system, manage the impact of chronic and acute stress, and immediately let go of tension through simple breathwork, visualization and meditative techniques. If you’re looking for a breather, you’ve got to check out the full webinar!

For additional tips on managing entrepreneur burnout, check out more expert advice here.

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