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Need a Change of Space? Try Our New Desk Recommendations to Boost Productivity 

Everybody’s home office tends to look a little different. Some people might have a separate area for their office, while others use their kitchen table as a makeshift workspace. After a while, your work area might feel boring or ineffective, unable to meet your needs. Do you need more storage? Do you want to add another monitor, but just don’t have the room? This is where we come in! We have the perfect fit for your working life with our desk recommendations.

What you should consider when buying a desk 

  • The dimensions of your space 
    • You want to double-check the size of the desk and the size of the area you’re putting your desk to ensure everything can fit comfortably. 
  • What style are you aiming for? 
    • Do you want something more minimalistic or more eccentric? You can keep things sleek or add a pop of color. 
  • How much storage do you need? 
    • Are there any important documents that need a home on your desk? Maybe you just like stationery or having a nice desk lamp. 
  • Do you have enough desktop space? 
    • Are you considering having multiple monitors? Maybe you need a printer (3D or paper) to fit on top of your desk as well. 
  • Does it have to serve multiple functions? 
    • If you only have one space for crafting and working, you need to be smart with your space. Do you want your desk to become a standing desk if you get tired of sitting for extended periods? 

Let’s review different styles of desks: 

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Writing desk 

The first desk is going to be the writing desk: these are light and minimal. They’re great if you are looking for something simple, but they don’t offer much storage space. They also tend to be on the smaller size, so if you’re tight for space, this could be a good option. 



Price: $199 

This is a cute desk on the smaller end. It has limited storage, but its minimalistic look could be perfect in your space. The desktop is finished on all sides, so it could be a great floating desk moment in the middle of a room or home office. 

VASAGLE 39-Inch Computer Writing Desk 

image 1

Price: $56.15 

This is another minimal option at a great price point, but it has no storage. So, getting an added storage piece could be an alternative. 

If you’re really tight on room, you could consider getting a folding desk.  

Executive desk 

This style of desk prioritizes storage. These are known to be on the larger side of things and one of the most formal styles on the market. It offers plenty of storage and tabletop space to complete complex tasks. 

Sauder Palladia Executive Desk 

image 2

Price: $804.99 

This desk means business. It comes with a hefty amount of storage and tons of space to hold all your papers, files and important documents. 


lagkapten alex desk white 1158868 pe888215 s5

Price: $239.97

This desk also has plenty of storage and comes at a more affordable price point. It can also be customizable due to how IKEA products work; add another tower unit, and you can have even more storage. 

L-shape desk 

This desk has tons of surface area, keeping anything you need within arm’s reach, like an office phone or a printer. The only downside to this option is the size, meaning that you’ll need plenty of space to house it. 

ODK L Shaped Desk 

image 4

Price: $99.99 

This simple but spacious desk comes in a variety of fun (or more traditional) colors. Perfect for the office or getting work done at home. 

SEDETA L Shaped Desk 

image 5

Price: $199.99

This desk is massive. With two different configurations, it’s versatile, offering storage and space for a printer or other office appliance. 

Standing desk 

Standing desks are for those tired of sitting down all day. This is an excellent choice for being active and productive. With these desk recommendations, you get two desks in one!

SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

image 6

Price: $159.87 

This desk is minimal but offers the ability to adjust the height. It’s a great option for anyone who suffers from lower back pain — or just gets bored of sitting. 

Computer desk 

Like the writing desk, this desk is quite simple and does not have much storage. A fun feature is that these desks sometimes come with a shelf for your PC to sit on, so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor. This makes sure that dust and other debris doesn’t affect your CPU.  


utespelare gaming desk ash effect gray 1238416 pe918475 s5

Price: $269.99 

This desk is minimal but open. There’s also the opportunity to add attachments to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

MINOSYS Computer Desk 

image 7

Price: $99.99 

This desk is simple, but it has some shelving and storage for a pair of headphones or maybe a journal or two. Additionally, it has a place for your PC tower to keep the dust out. 

We hope you’ve found these desk recommendations helpful as you search for for the perfect workspace setup! Remember, the right desk can make a world of difference in your daily routine.

And if you’re up for more fun recommendations, be sure to check out our microphone guide too! We’re all about making your shopping decisions easier and more enjoyable.

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