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With Close of $4.5 Million Seed Round, AngeLink Announces Launch Results of Female-centric Social Crowdfunding Platform

This Florida-headquartered company eclipsed expectations with 10,000 users in the first three months, continuing its exponential growth.

AngeLink, the female-powered social crowdfunding platform developing a global community for women seeking trusted fundraising, announced the close of $4.5 million in total seed funding in Q2’22 and second-quarter launch results. Exceeding expectations, the company has more than 10,000 users who have joined the site in the first three months. AngeLink is set to launch its Series A financing. 

Gerry Poirier, Founder and CEO
Gerry Poirier, Founder and CEO

“With my vision to upend the history of gender-based economic disparity, I formed AngeLink to revolutionize the ability to connect, empower and amplify female voices globally through a trusted crowdfunding platform,” said Gerry Poirier, AngeLink Founder and CEO. “Built with a team of 90 percent women, our peer-to-peer platform helps fundraisers accelerate the speed and success of their campaigns. The free tools and marketing support have already demonstrated positive results. Users raised funds for medical needs, emergency relief, small businesses and charities in excess of their goals.”

The launch of the platform

Understanding that today women organize 70 percent of all social crowdfunding campaigns and represent nearly 80 percent of all online donors, AngeLink developed an innovative technology. It’s backed by eight pending patents to provide a safer, more trusted fundraising resource. It’s working in a $64B industry that’s forecasted to quadruple by 2026.

AngeLink employs a process to ensure the security and trust of all users—individuals and communities—with no platform fee. Employing gamification, AngeLink’s free marketing tools and templates promote engagement and repeat giving—which results in more successful campaigns. 

“The rapid growth of users is a testament to the need for our product. It needs to be attractive and accessible to a diversity of culture, color, geography, experience and age,” added Gerry. “I’m proud that this is also reflected in our talented team of developers, executives and marketing specialists. We’re powered by women and built for all. From our team to those who initiate campaigns, and the thousands of people who contribute to them, AngeLink is Fundraising with Love.”

About AngeLink

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, AngeLink was founded by Gerry Poirier, a 25-year finance executive. We wanted to provide a solution for gender-based economic disparity by reimagining crowdfunding for local, global, personal and professional campaigns. Backed by eight pending patents and currently increasing users at an annual compound growth rate of 600 percent, AngeLink’s technology accelerates the speed and success of fundraising for individuals and communities. We can support healthcare, emergencies, natural disasters, small businesses and charities. With an innovative and trusted platform powered by women, AngeLink is democratizing social crowdfunding through technology.

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