spring makeover home office
spring makeover home office
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5 Tips For A Do-It-Yourself Office Makeover This Spring

A new season means fresh starts and what better way than an office makeover? We talk to architectural color consultant Amy Woolf for makeover tips.

5 Tips For A Do-It-Yourself Office Makeover This Spring - Lioness MagazineWith spring slowly but surely creeping up, some entrepreneurs might be thinking about redecorating their offices for the new season. Amy Woolf, an architectural color consultant, has her own set of tips for those looking to get an office makeover this spring:

  1. Unravel Your Relationship With Color

Emotional response is important when choosing a color for a particular room. Woolf wants her clients choose colors they enjoy as well as those that make sense within the room. “They need to figure out where they need to be on the continuum, where at one end we’ve got a calming, relaxing color, and at the other end we have an enlivening, stimulating color. Everybody needs to be somewhere on that continuum in order to support their best productivity,” she said.

  1. No White Walls

According to Woolf, they are just too hard on the eyes, and don’t work well with the office setting because of that.

  1. Keep the Work Place in Mind

It is important to keep others in the office space in mind when redecorating so that the colors chosen appeal to the most people as possible, and don’t offend anyone. Additionally, it is important to keep clients who may see the office in mind because, as Woolf says, “the wall colors need to be consistent with the brand message that is being promoted.”

  1. On a Budget? – Paint!
5 Tips For A Do-It-Yourself Office Makeover This Spring - Lioness Magazine
Architectural Color Consultant Amy Woolf.

“Paint is the greatest redecorating bargain out there,” she said. “Nothing will deliver the same impact as a fresh coat of paint.” Once people realize where they rest on the color continuum, it will be easier to decide what color they want, and then they can paint offices to fit their needs. Woolf also mentioned the trend “gray is the new beige,” and as gray is a much better alternative to white, pairing it with some color can be a great addition to any office.

  1. Personalize

Having good, functional furniture is also critical, as well as some bits of love, or little visual treasures, Woolf added. “Something personal in your workspace, I think humanizes it,” she said. Anything from a brightly colored desk lamp, which Woolf admits to having herself, to photos, paintings or trinkets can really add to the personality behind an office.

More information and tips on color consulting can be found on Woolf’s website: http://awcolor.com/home.html.

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