jill scott woman album cover 2015 billboard 650x650
jill scott woman album cover 2015 billboard 650x650

Our 18 Favorite Things From Last Year

We've tried, watched, listened and sampled so much in 2015. After being the guinea pigs, the Lioness staff is giving you Our 18 Favorite Things that we insist you check out.

What we couldn’t stop talking about …

We spend months reading new books, sampling new foods and testing new products. We tip our hat to 2015. It was an eventful year full of awesome creations. Seriously, you have to check these things out for yourself. Here is a list of 18 Our Favorite Things:

  1. Amazon Prime.
    Coach Dawn rocking a Monif C. dress.

    Talk about bang for your buck. With unlimited movie streaming, borrowing books on Kindle, discounts and photo storage … we’re in heaven.

  2. Evernote. What isn’t this phone app capable of? Since it syncs between all of our devices, having access to the digital workspace on-the-go is a dream. And it’s easy to navigate, too!
  3. The Atlantic. If you want real storytelling on issues that matter, this is where you go.
  4. Evergreen. In his latest book, “Evergreen,” Noah Fleming delivers modern, workable solutions when it comes to developing and retaining customers. It’s a must-read for anyone working in the digital space.
  5. Monif C. Monif Clarke has remembered that the plus-sized woman can be fabulous and fashionable, too. We cannot get enough of her dresses, dresses, dresses! “I’m a dress junkie and her dresses give me life!” our Coach Dawn raved.
  6. Apple News. The Apple News app is the go-to app for the news junkie. You can organize your feed by interests or by all of your favorite news outlets. Scroll through now and save stories for later. How the news-on-go experience should be in 2016.
  7. Woman. Jill Scott’s latest album, “Woman,” is a foray back to good soul music. It’s her fifth album and it’s clear she just keeps getting better.
  8. Iron Maiden. When you want to ease menstrual cramps and symptoms, this whipped body cream gets it done. It’s all natural. It works.
  9. FotoJet. For those entrepreneurs who cannot afford a marketing person but need to make professional pieces, this website is magnificent.  Create posters, social media outlet covers, magazine covers and more. Easy to use and zero to minimum costs for stock images.
  10. Mint. This floor cleaning robot had to make the cut. It’s cheaper than a Roomba robot but still just as effective.
  11. The Confidence Code. Journalists Claire Shipman and Katty Kay explore confidence from a psychological and scientific angle in their book, “The Confidence Code.” How does it tie in with successful? Is it genetics? The findings are superb.
  12. MailChimp Snap. Design a photo-based email from the convenience of your phone? Yep. MC Snap is for those in-the-moment customer shares. Are you at the greatest farmer’s market ever? Snap a cool image, upload it in the app, craft a clever message and send it out to your contacts in a flash.
  13. Ray Donovan. Season 3. The Donovans are a tough as nails family from Boston thrust into the superficial world of L.A. Throw in some serious family dysfunction, Ray’s clever and brutish way of solving problems and a mesmerizing Jon Voight and you have a winner. If you’re not on the Donovan bandwagon, trust us. Binge watch before it returns to Showtime.
  14. The Sartorialist. Founder and photographer Scott Schuman started his website as a way to build a dialogue around our relationships with fashion. You HAVE to follow his account on Instagram (@thesartorialist). His photos are fashion storytelling at its finest and he manages to always find people on the street with the most interesting outfits.
  15. The National Anthem. That time Jamie Foxx sang “The National Anthem” at the Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight and we didn’t know whether he was leading us into the beginning of the highly anticipated match or taking us to church. HA! We promise you’ve never heard it like this. Though he was dragged on social media later, he still managed to be upstaged by hilarious memes of Denzel Washington with the #UncleDenzel hashtag.
  16. Fitstream. We are in love with this fitness journal app. It allows users to track weight and measurements and you can use the progress picture tracking feature.
  17. The Profit. Every entrepreneur should check this reality TV show out. Broadcast on CNBC, inventor and philanthropist Marcus Lemonis visits struggling small businesses and offers capital investment and expertise in exchange for a percentage of ownership. See what others are doing wrong and how Lemonis recommends they make it right.
  18. Modicum Skincare. We’re in love with this new line. It makes the skin bright and helps clear the complexion.

What are some of your favorite things?

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