Here’s A Toast To The Year That Woke Everyone The Hell Up

Posted on January 28, 2017 by Natasha Zena

Here’s A Toast To The Year That Woke Everyone The Hell Up - Lioness Magazine

Leonardo DiCaprio finally cinched the Oscar in 2016.

I know at least one person who thought 2016 was amazing: Leonardo DiCaprio (finally they gave him his Academy Award!). My social media feeds were bombarded with memes and sarcastic posts about how extraordinarily awful the year 2016 had been, primarily due to the deaths of icons like Prince, Carrie Fisher and David Bowie to name a few. Others would even speculate that we experienced the death of the ideals of this country via a presidential election that seemed to bring out the worst in some people.

What 2016 did do was lift the veil for all to see the current state of America for all citizens. There was a plethora of topics pushed into the national spotlight that no longer allowed some of us to avert our eyes. From women’s rights to the Black Lives Matter movement to the responsibility of the press to LGBTQ rights, all the way to highest office in the land, it felt like all Americans were finally talking about the same things at the same time – no matter on which side their opinions lay.

Many times we have the luxury of not needing to care or get involved in an issue that personally doesn’t touch us. If 2016 did anything, it allowed us to stop sweeping certain issues under the rug and for that I am grateful, because, how can you fix something if you haven’t even acknowledged that there’s a problem in the first place?

So here’s a proper Leonardo toast to the year that forced many to remove their blinders. Now that we’re all awake, maybe we can finally have a real conversation. And 2017 looks like a fine time to do just that.

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About Natasha Zena

Around age eight Natasha Zena was told it was a woman’s job to take care of the home and since then she has built a career out of telling women they can do whatever the hell they want. Founding partner of Lioness, the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs, the former news reporter has created a platform to educate, elevate and support female entrepreneurs. In addition to publishing and hosting events for women, Natasha enjoys spending time with her teenage son, Shaun.

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