Women’s Startup Lab To Host Live Webinar On Communication Strategies During Crisis

Another popular session of the startup series by Women’s Startup Lab will discuss practical strategies for you to gain support, attention and momentum that can possibly lead to a startup’s turn-around, gain of funding and even a breakthrough during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussion Points & Mind-Stirring:

  1. How to speak to and stay in touch with customers for stronger relationships
  2. Why communicate NOW and what’s important?
  3. What you want to say or ask your – Investors, Advisors, and People you’ve never spoken to but in this crisis time might be the best time to get their attention.
  4. Who is willing to help, who needs help?
  5. What’s the noise, to avoid or to jump on.

Go ahead and bring questions with you

Silicon Valley’s leading women’s accelerator brings their “real-deal” experts to join them in a conversation on prioritizing customers’ needs during this time and how to do that while staying true to your brand — and staying in touch even if they aren’t spending at this time. There’s a lot of messaging out there right now, how will you get through and let your customer feel supported?

Additionally, all of their experts are also mentors and advisors. They know that the inherent commonality of entrepreneurs is drive, determination and risk-taking. Those are wonderful traits but they can make us incredibly self-reliant and may inhibit the ability to ask for help. Our panelists will share with you the number one reason why they want you to reach out for help and they will share some tips on how to do that.

Discussion Speakers:

Ari Horie, CEO & Founder, Women’s Startup Lab

Joshua Krammes, Advisor, VP Community Engagement at StackPath

Andie Rhyins, Advisor, Business Developer and Growth Strategist

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