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Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021

Women in Cloud (WiC), a community-led economic development organization supporting and promoting the growth of women in technology and entrepreneurial ventures, is hosting their fourth annual Women in Cloud Summit 2021 virtually from January 28-30, 2021.

Women are the key drivers of the economy; by accessing the resources needed to launch and sustain businesses, WiC will address the economic inclusion to co-develop and co-market solutions by providing women the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to build a successful enterprise-ready cloud business.

The 2021 Women in Cloud Digital Summit celebrates the achievements of women in technology through the innovation of “Collective Power.” Harnessing the talents and expertise of countless leaders, our efforts are focused on changing the global narrative by igniting purpose-driven entrepreneurship, leadership, and building gender equity through social engagements. During a time of uncertainty and economic recovery, we’re bringing together entrepreneurs, corporate partners, policymakers, and community leaders to inspire, connect and transform every Summit attendee to become 1000x more powerful by achieving their “North Star” goals.

The Summit is designed to effectively influence corporations and policymakers to take bold steps to empower women technology entrepreneurs in their post-pandemic recovery by improving economic access, passing supportive legislation, and creating contracting opportunities – building on the $1B economic access campaign launched during last year’s annual event.

“Giving women-led STEM businesses access to procurement vehicles is the key to reaching our $1 billion goals by 2030,” said Christine Puccio, Vice President of Global Alliances and GTM Programs at F5 and WiC Advisor. “Meeting this goal will require our collective action, across industries, corporate and government boards.”

Since inception, the Women in Cloud Summit has become the industry-leading platform for women entrepreneurs and leaders to drive the economic access narrative on a global scale with the UN of cloud brands, entrepreneurs, technologists, policymakers, and global leaders.

The Women In Cloud movement is focused on generating global awareness and taking actions to address gender equality in entrepreneurship and leadership in the technology industry. In the last 18 months, WiC has seen significant success through building strategic partnerships and establishing a powerful network to create economic access for women.

For more information on the summit, and ways to get involved, reach out to Women in Cloud at

Event Highlights

The Women in Cloud Summit is a three-day, life-changing event for women tech entrepreneurs, corporate and community leaders, policymakers, and allies from around the globe. Women are key drivers of economic growth, and the Summit strives to change the industry narrative by creating economic access for women in the cloud economy.

Throughout the three days, Summit attendees will hear from inspirational speakers, connect and communicate with industry leaders and experts, and network with other community members and entrepreneurs.

Held on an interactive virtual platform, the Summit is designed with a core intention to create infinite access to people, programs, and organizations to fuel economic development and diversity. The event intends to spark ideas through thought-leadership sessions, workshops, and demos to help attendees increase their personal and professional power, and offers unique opportunities to take part in leadership-based growth experiences and activations. The Summit sets the stage for corporations, organizations, and legislatures to meet with founders and leaders in the tech industry to drive policy changes and unlock economic opportunities.

During the 2021 event, WiC looks forward to sharing exciting announcements around the global expansion of the organization into India, Africa, Canada, and the Middle-East to drive economic development on a global scale.

For more information on the summit, and ways to get involved, reach out to Women in Cloud at

About Women in Cloud

WiC is a community-led economic development initiative supporting women technology entrepreneurs. Through private-public partnerships with innovative companies and leaders in tech, WiC creates access to partnership opportunities, programs that accelerate business growth in the cloud, and strategic alliances with industry cloud providers investing in the success of women in tech

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