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With High Performance, You Really Can Have It All!

Oprah famously said, “You can have it all. Just not in the same week.”

Research respectfully disagrees.

As a high-performance expert and psychologist, I’ve found that it is indeed possible to enjoy a world-class career, family, friendships, spirituality, health, joy, confidence, and mindset—all at the same time! It’s not magic. It’s science. And I geek out about it! Let me explain.

My high-performance methodology is called “Get A.M.P.E.D.” There are five pillars to supercharging your success. For each pillar, I will share a question you can ask yourself; the answer is your roadmap to the top of your personal Mt. Everest.

A – Activated: “Who is your ideal self?”

High performers know what they value and who they aspire to be. The surest, fastest way to increase your confidence and self-esteem is to behave in alignment with your values. Grab a piece of paper and write down three words that best describe your highest, wisest, truest self. WHO do you value being? For example, if I valued being a “present” leader, I would focus on being singularly focused on the person I am having a conversation with.

M – Motivated: “How can I serve others greatly?”

High performers understand their mission and are dedicated to completing it. They are inspired by their dreams and those they are fighting for. They know who is depending on them to bring their “A game” and keep their promises. Instead of trying and pushing to make things happen, their vision pulls, inspires, and energizes them.

P – Productive: “What moves the needle for what matters most?”

High performers don’t necessarily work harder; they work smarter. They focus on the small number of tasks that have the most impact on their business and life. Equally important is what goes on their “not-to-do-list.” Whenever I am asked, “Dr. Erin, how do you do it all?” I always answer, “I don’t.”

E – Energized: “Am I hydrated, sleeping well, and experiencing vitality in my life?”

High performers enjoy world-class health. The energy required to be a CEO is similar to that needed by an NFL quarterback. High performers feel alive in their day. They work out and meditate 5-6 times a week, drink lots of water (since dehydration causes fatigue and steals productivity), and sleep an average of 7-9 hours a night. They achieve success because of their healthy living habits, not in spite of them.

D – Disciplined: “Am I keeping the promises I make to myself?”

High performers close the “knowing-doing gap.” They know what to do and they do it. They are known for being people who do what they say they will do, which breeds massive self-trust and increases confidence. Confidence, after all, is the ability to “confide in oneself.” World-class entrepreneurs have world-class habits. They understand that small behaviors, done consistently over time, add up to massively amazing results.

Now you can get AMPED! Plug into your purpose, turn up the volume on your energy and productivity and supercharge your success.

Cheers to you – and get ready to have it all!

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About the author

Dr. Erin Oksol is a highly sought-after international speaker, corporate trainer, and high performance psychologist, inspiring thousands with her motivational and action-oriented keynotes, seminars and events.

Named one of the 125 global leaders to follow by SUCCESS magazine, Dr. Oksol is not just any expert; she’s “The Success Psychologist.”
Dr. Oksol coaches and consults with and mentors C-suite executives, leaders, sales managers, high-performing teams, and success-driven entrepreneurs. She has mentored top leaders at Facebook, Microsoft, Country Financial, and Nokia, to name a few.

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