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Why You Should NOT Start A Home Based Business

Running a home based business seems like a dream opportunity. Each year thousands forfeit safe careers to take the plunge. However, all that glitters isn't gold.

Why You Should NOT Start A Home Based Business - Lioness MagazineIt is becoming a national trend and many highly successful economic advisers are suggesting that the wave of the future is entrepreneurship. Each year more names on the list of millionaires include men and women who have a home based business. Unsuspecting optimists and those with limited knowledge or resources may be misled into believing that they, too, can capitalize on the cash cow. A word (or many words) of warning is needed before seriously considering this stream of income.

If there is one word that is most significant in considering becoming an entrepreneur it is the word WHY. If the reason is a deep-seated belief and conviction then success is more likely. People often confuse their why with a justification for a certain action because they are upset about something. For example, a person disagrees with the owner of a business he or she works for and justifies starting a new business. The reason why is not a passion but a problem with management. Many people have a romantic Hollywood fantasy that because they have a different idea of how to run things it is a solid reason to start a business. That’s not to discount new ideas and creativity but if the motivation is pride and anger then the path is filled with frustration and failure.

Another misunderstood concept by those who have never adventured into the realm of owning a home based business is the idea of being desperate. Those who have reaped the largest incomes from being an entrepreneur are those who have been most desperate. It’s a paradox that can only be explained by the story of a badger backed into a corner by a huge bear. The badger will always win because it is most desperate. When there is no other option but to succeed then succeed you will.

There are many other “words” of warning that I could write about. My own success and failure story is full of things to be avoided and things to be implemented. To write them all down and show how they apply to your specific situation would be impossible and take up a huge library. The best advise when considering a home based business is to seek out the knowledge of someone who has truly taken that journey. Unfortunately the big boys (and girls) like Tony Robins, Jim Rohn, Linda Larson, John Maxwell, Meredith Powell and others are not available for a free initial call. Sandy Zalecki oversees

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