Why Is Menstruation Such A Taboo Topic?

What is it that makes people shy away from the topic of menstruation? Thinx is causing a stir on the topic with their latest ads.

Companies can talk about women’s hair care products, fashion or cosmetics, but anything surrounding our menstruation is clipped to 30-seconds commercial for birth control or sanitary napkins.

Why are periods off limits? Of course there are a few companies braving the topic. A Massachusetts skincare company called SkinCatering focused on women and our periods earlier this summer with a brief video-docu. They spoke to professional women about their bodies and menstruation in a positive light.

This week AdWeek continued the conversation by talking to Thinx co-founder Miki Agrawal. Thinx has created a female-targeted product – underwear for women with periods. The company has caused a stir with their subway ads that some deem too risqué.



We want to know what you think about the ads and whether or not periods should be left off the table when it comes to public conversation. To read the complete adweek article, click here.

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