What Goes In A Press Release? Here’s A Quick Breakdown

Posted on October 11, 2014 by Lioness Staff

What goes in a press release? We receive this question often. Putting together a press release is rather simple. Getting engagement from the media is where the trouble comes in to play. To help women understand the simple outline of a press release, below is a breakdown of what should be included.

For some advice on how to get press coverage, click HERE.

Company Name




Media Contact: Name

Phone Number: (123) – 234-5678

Email Address: name@youremail.com





Subheadline (if needed)


City, State (Company Name) Date – The first paragraph explains Who, What, Where, When.

The second paragraph explains Why.

The third paragraph gives the How – a highlight of the details. You may also insert a quote here.

The fourth paragraph contains any brief instructions and the last sentence where to follow up on more details.


# # #

(Note: The above sign lets the reader know the press release has concluded.)

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