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Visana Health Raises $10.1 Million Seed Round for Comprehensive Virtual Women’s Healthcare

Visana Health, a virtual-first comprehensive women’s healthcare clinic, announced the close of $10.1 million in seed funding co-led by Flare Capital Partners and Frist Cressey Ventures. Also participating in the oversubscribed round are InHealth Ventures, Oxeon Partners, Pixel Perfect Ventures, Venture Investors and others. Visana’s investors and the organizations they represent comprise over 30 of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. They recognize that evidence-based, digital platforms like the one Visana offers are the best way to provide the comprehensive, clinical and value-focused care women so desperately need.

Visana provides whole-person, inclusive clinical care for a wide range of women’s health conditions. These conditions include menopause, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, contraception, UTIs and more. Visana is available in all 50 states through health plans and employer benefit plans. Visana offers quality longitudinal medical care from Visana-trained doctors and nurse practitioners.

On average, Visana’s patients have more than three co-morbidities, representing high-cost cases that demand comprehensive and coordinated management. Through a value-based care model, Visana has improved patient outcomes. They have demonstrated a 4:1 ROI for health plan and employer partners and created a world-class experience tailored for women, as illustrated by its patient NPS of +90.

“Most women’s health solutions focus narrowly on maternity and fertility. They miss the mark for the 90% of women who aren’t actively building a family,” said Shelly Lanning, co-founder and president, Visana. “We built Visana to provide women with in-depth care for all phases of life.”

Women’s healthcare

The typical clinical model for women’s healthcare today leads to underdiagnosis, delayed treatment and ineffective, expensive procedures. Visana offers the first and only tech-enabled clinical model that enhances patient care. It seamlessly integrates high-touch technology and data-driven insights that lead to more efficient diagnoses, personalized treatment plans and improved health outcomes, including a reduction in the number of unnecessary costly surgeries. Visana’s evidence-based clinical care team model was developed by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barbara Levy. She is a renowned and experienced physician who is a passionate advocate for health equity and building care teams that improve the quality of women’s health across all phases of life.

“Our enterprise partners commit to providing quality care to women. They are experiencing point solution fatigue and frustration at the lack of meaningful improvement in patient outcomes. They view Visana as a complete solution. It is a solution uniquely able to engage women where they are and deliver evidence-based care in a seamless model that is proven to reduce costs,” said Joe Connolly, co-founder and CEO, Visana. “We plan to use this funding to develop and build on existing relationships with national health plans and Fortune 500 companies that need a comprehensive solution for women’s healthcare to support the well-being of their female employees and beneficiaries and contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce and community.”

Margaret Malone, principal at Flare Capital Partners, and Olivia Capra, principal at Frist Cressey Ventures, will join the Visana Board of Directors.  

Investor Comments

“Visana is able to significantly move the needle on clinical outcomes improvement. We do this where we have seen other disparate solutions falling short,” said Margaret Malone, principal, Flare Capital Partners. “The Visana model is a critical partner to existing incumbents in the market that may be more narrowly focused in terms of scope, customer and clinical services.”

“We feel thrilled to support Visana in its next stage of growth,” said former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist M.D., co-founder and partner of Frist Cressey Ventures. “The health of women and their care experience has long been overlooked. Visana’s virtual clinical care model shows impressive outcomes while reducing costs for employers and health plans. Visana will transform the way women access and receive care.”

About Visana Health

Visana Health is a virtual-first women’s healthcare company that provides comprehensive, whole-person, coordinated care from menstruation through menopause. The company’s clinical model is designed to delight women. The model intends to help achieve women’s optimal health while reducing the total cost of care. Learn more at: www.visanahealth.com

About Flare Capital Partners

Flare Capital Partners is the leading early-stage healthcare venture capital firm advancing innovation-driven companies to improve positive health outcomes, broaden care access and lower healthcare costs. We partner with exceptional founders solving healthcare’s hardest challenges. We support each with our deep sector expertise, unparalleled industry resources and proven access to commercial opportunities. Our team of established investors and senior operating executives has invested in 50+ companies. These individuals have nearly $1 billion in assets under management. To learn more about Flare Capital Partners, please visit flarecapital.com or follow us on Twitter @flarecapital

About Frist Cressey Ventures

The Frist Cressey Ventures mission is simple: to transform healthcare to improve lives. We invest in technology and service businesses with viable solutions that improve quality of care, system integration, patient outcomes and population health and well-being.

We focus our time and attention on three key areas. These areas are: recruiting top talent, connecting partnerships with our deep industry network and executing our partnerships’ plans to improve healthcare.

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