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Virtual Gift-giving Guide for the Entrepreneur on the Go

With remote positions becoming increasingly popular, gift-giving has become increasingly difficult. A lot of people won’t see any co-workers in person this holiday season but still want to give gifts. To help remedy this struggle, we’ve compiled a list of different gifts that you can give completely online—without knowing someone’s mailing address. Too busy to shop? This virtual gift-giving guide can help you, too. Let’s dive in!

Virtual gift cards

Love giving gifts but not the best at selecting them? Gift cards are always a safe option during the holiday season. These two websites are even safer as they allow your recipient to pick out a gift card that they would actually use and enjoy.


Giftogram allows you to send a gift card that allows the recipient to choose their preferred digital gift card from over 200 popular retailers, restaurants and services. The card is then delivered digitally via email—with no extra fees.


Tremendous is a gifting service where you can send either a link, an email or a text to your desired recipient who can then redeem a gift card of their choice from a list with over 700 stores with your allotted amount of money. They can also redeem a gift card of your choice if you had a specific one in mind.

Physical gifts, no address needed

Here are some virtual gift-giving options that are slightly more personal than gift cards. These websites allow you to send a physical gift to your recipient with no mailing address needed.


Giftagram (yes, different from Giftogram up above!) is an ‘all in one gifting platform’. It handles everything from sourcing products, warehousing the gifts, handling all parts of order fulfillment, packaging, gift customization and providing detailed shipment tracking. You can send gifts via email, and your recipients will then receive a customizable email notification with your personalized gift message. They provide their preferred shipping address through a fully branded recipient experience, and Giftagram handles the rest—making your entire gifting process quick and simple!


Gift any online item using text or email and pay for only the accepted gifts. You just need the link to the product and the recipient’s email address or phone number. Once you give Gibtr the link to the product that you wish to gift, they handle the buying and shipping process.

Can’t think of a personal gift?

Sometimes you want to give that personal gift, but you just have no clue what your recipient wants. These two websites are personal and yet neutral enough that they would be a great gift for just about anyone.


Sugarwish is a great tool for virtual gift-giving. All you have to do is pick the gift size and the recipient will then choose their favorite treats. There’s plenty to choose from, like candy, cookies, popcorn, snacks, coffee and tea—or even dog treats for all the dog parents out there. Once again, only an email address is needed as the recipient will provide their shipping address during the treat picking process.

Lula’s Garden

Lula’s Garden allows you to send a succulent garden to your gift recipient. Succulents are a great gift because they are relatively easy to care for when compared to other plants. Lula’s Garden is especially a great gift because you can make it personal. You have full control over the design: add your logo, a unique sleeve design or a special message on a gift note. With their eGift service, you can send a gift directly to your recipient using only their email address.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out 8 Virtual Gifts for Busy Entrepreneurs.

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