This Is How You Use Live Video For Your Business (And Why It Works)

Posted on November 22, 2017 by Lioness Staff

Live video has become huge in recent years and this presents a huge opportunity for businesses. This infographic from One Productions takes you through how businesses can take advantage of the growing popularity of live video. The stat that Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than regular videos should be evidence enough that businesses need to act.

Things like faster Internet have helped the growth of live video. In the past, people would have to deal with buffering issues and live streams would be too stop start. Internet in the majority of countries can handle live streams without any drops these days.

If you’re considering doing live streams, it’s important to plan at least a small bit. Have at least a rough script to guide you as a completely meandering video will leave viewers confused. It’s also important to let people know that you’re going to be live streaming as it will improve views and engagement. Check out the infographic below for a full overview of how to use live video.

This Is How You Use Live Video For Your Business (And Why It Works) - Lioness Magazine

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