Trellis fertility waiting room
Trellis fertility waiting room

Trellis Is A Revolutionary Egg Freezing Studio Designed By Women For Women In New York City

NEW YORK — Trellis, the highly-anticipated, revolutionary new approach to egg-freezing launched its first studio location this week in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. Made by women for women, the modern-day fertility studio is dedicated to women freezing their eggs and serves as a space where wellness is integrated with an empowering egg freezing experience that includes top-tier fertility specialists, evening and weekend hours, online booking, integrated nutritional consults and mobile-enabled medication updates.

By creating a state-of-the-art space where women can celebrate taking charge of their futures, Trellis is rewriting the script on egg-freezing. From a client’s first visit where they are paired with a Fertility Coach to an insta-worthy studio equipped with phone chargers and a juice bar, Trellis is making egg freezing a personal and empowering experience for their clients. The brand provides clear information, transparent costs and financing and a team of experienced fertility doctors to create a strong, welcoming support system for women to create a life full of possibilities.

“Egg freezing is a big life decision — no question,” said Dr. Cary L. Dicken, board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist for Trellis. “That’s why we, at Trellis, have asked ourselves, ‘What do young women really need that they don’t currently get at a typical fertility clinic? And how can we make our clients’ experience infinitely better?’ It’s a challenge we’ve accepted – and thoroughly exceeded.”

A division of IntegraMed Fertility, the largest and most established network of fertility clinics in North America, Trellis has access to top-tier doctors, cutting-edge scientific advances and proven cryostorage. With 33 years of experience and 103 locations, IntegraMed’s fertility clinics have frozen 78,000 eggs since 2014 and conduct 1 out of 5 egg freezing treatments across the country.

As a women-led team, the Trellis team is proud to draw on their own “fertility journeys” and IntegraMed’s extensive consumer research to design a best-in-class fertility experience with clients at the core. The goal for Trellis is that every client is not only hyper-informed about everything that happens during egg freezing, but that she also feels empowered.

Trellis has plans to expand nationwide in 2019.

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