You Told Us – ‘What My Mother Taught Me.”

In celebration of Mother's Day, you told us "what my mother taught me" and it's another reminder that wisdom lasts for ages.
Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller, CEO AT The Table Public Relations, Tampa, Florida

“My mother taught me so many wonderful things growing up.  She was a strong and loving woman who raised her kids while holding full-time positions, but found time to also be sure we had extracurricular activities in the evenings and weekends (girl scouts, sports, etc.).  The key things she taught me that I can relate to my business are:

  1. Work hard to get ahead
  2. Be firm in your decisions
  3. Always have a plan B
  4. and most importantly, Plan Your Work and Work your Plan!”

DeVonna Petree, coach,, Phoenix, Arizona

DeVonna Petree - Lioness Magazine
DeVonna Petree

My mom had a PhD in streetology, she was the wisest woman I’ve ever known. She taught me many of lessons by the way she lived and the words she spoke. As a woman in business, I can often hear her voice utter the words….

“DeVonna, everybody has a motive, including you. It is very important for you to understand that the majority of people always come from a perspective with their motive in mind. It is your responsibility to keep your motive in the forefront. You can’t expect people to care about you like you care about you.  Whether it’s a business, personal or romantic relationship, it should feel like a Win. And, if you have compassion for the other party, it should feel like a Win-Win. Remember, you always have a choice to walk away. The choice to walk away from anything that doesn’t feel right. The key is to trust that feeling in your gut…it’s your intuition…it will always steer you in the right direction.”

Before I make a decision in my business, I unapologetically ask myself the question: What is my motive? In other words: What is my intention? Being a purpose driven woman in business, it’s easy to be led by passion and get caught up in what feels good. But, I learned the hard way…that you can’t cash passion at the bank. So, if you want to stay in business, you must keep your motive in the forefront.

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