Three Ways To Stay Sane As An Entrepreneur

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it - startup life is crazy! How do you keep your head above water and stay sane? Try these three tips.

Startup life can get hectic. Don’t lose yourself. Here are three ways to stay sane:

Block Out The Bullshit

Three Ways To Stay Sane As An Entrepreneur - Lioness MagazineWe are blasted with non-stop noise all of the time. We digest sounds and information in our daily work lives, in our Facebook feeds, in our media consumption and in our conversations.

We are constantly on GO mode. Teach your brain to slow down. Unplug from everything and everyone and have at least thirty minutes of pure silence. No work, no music. Nothing. Your mind will race, but let it. It’s coming down from all of the gobbledygook its bombarded with.

Listen To Your Body For Cues

There’s a reason why your mind will start to wander after you’re working on a project for 45 minutes or that you begin to experience a headache or tense shoulders by the afternoon. Your body needs a break.

Your body is naturally wired to send you cues about what it needs. You need to learn how to listen to it. Breaks help keep you refreshed and energized. Sometimes you need an hour away and other times you may need two days or one week.

Stay Inspired

This is VERY important. Entrepreneurs need to maintain that same level of excitement that inspired them to start their business in the first place.

That feeling usually comes from a place of sincere interest. Enjoy yourself by finding new means to spark your interest and awe. Stop to see that movie you’ve been putting off, catch your favorite artist in concert and read for pure enjoyment (not new business tips). Art has a way of moving us and invoking passion. Of course you want to inspire your audience, but it is critical for the inspirer to also remained inspired.

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