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The Three Types Of Influencers And Understanding Which One Is Best For Your Business

Influencer marketing is all the rage, and for good reason. In an age where customers trust brands less and less, influencer marketing breathes authenticity into the brand-consumer relationship. 

As President of Big Crowd Media, I’ve seen how brands and influencers connect for amazing results on high-end campaigns. But the best influencer campaigns require a good fit—and when the fit is right, brands win big. Brands can deliver genuine, quality word of mouth advertising with the right influencers. In fact, influencer campaigns can boost your positive brand sentiment by nearly 9 percent. 

Get Instagram talking about your brand with a strategic influencer relationship. Create better content, generate exposure, and gain a readymade audience to grow your brand with influencer marketing. 

The three types of influencers

Not all influencers are built equally. There are three types of influencers that brands can choose from, all with their pros and cons. 

  1. Nano influencers

Nano influencers are extremely small, with a following of around a thousand people. Most of their connections are family, friends, and acquaintances. 

Nano influencers are more beneficial for incredibly niche campaigns because of their small following. Most of their relationships come from day to day life instead of from posting useful, relevant content for their followers. 

I don’t believe nano influencers have a place in influencer campaigns. Their following is just too small to give a return on brands’ dollar, and they often are unpolished and unprofessional when it comes to working with brands. 

2. Micro influencers

Micro influencers have anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 online followers. Instead of leveraging real-world relationships, micro influencers attract followers with relatable, engaging content. 

Micro influencers are more polished and professional than nano influencers. They may or may not be a full-time influencer, too. Micro influencers are experts in their niche with valued opinions. 

3. Macro influencers

Macro influencers are big-name experts in a field or even celebrities. These individuals can have millions of followers. 

Macro influencers have access to the general public thanks to an established reputation outside of social media. They’re different from other influencers because they can mention your brand on mainstream channels like magazines, TV, and radio. 

Choosing what’s best for your brand

I firmly believe that brands have to match with the right influencer to get the most from influencer marketing. Follow these best practices to choose the influencer best suited to your brand. 

Avoid nano influencers

I recommend avoiding nano influencers when possible. These influencers are inexperienced working with brands and will often do anything in exchange for freebies. This will decrease the value of your branded content, which won’t get the most out of your budget. 

Nano influencers don’t have the engagement or following to give a decent return on your investment. Because they’re small, nano influencers are also harder to vet on your side.

Customers can sniff out small, low-quality influencers, too. If you work with an inexperienced nano who’s just in it for the money, you’re gambling with your reputation. It’s not worth the risk. 

Find micro influencers

The smarter way to spend your marketing dollars is to go with micro influencers. These individuals have an authentic, personal touch with their followers that encourages conversions and engagement. 

On the same token, their following is large enough that you also enjoy benefits like brand awareness. 

When to use macro influencers

However, macro influencers have a place in your campaigns, too. Although fewer customers trust celebrity endorsements, you can get results from them with the right campaign and influencer. 

Authenticity has to be at the heart of your macro campaigns. For example, Big Crowd Media’s Amber Rose campaign generated over 10,000 followers for our sponsor brands within 24 hours of launch. The key was careful messaging, authenticity, and a good brand-influencer match. 

Building influence online

Big Crowd Media uses an authenticity-first approach when pairing brands with the right influencer. There’s no “one influencer fits all” approach; you have to find your best fit to get engagement and results from your campaign. 

Choose the best influencer for your brand by evaluating their trust, credibility, following and engagement. Remember, social media platforms bring shared interests together. Be real and put your mission first to find the right influencer to grow your brand. 

Jonathan Rose is the cofounder of Big Crowd Media, Inc. His background in business and marketing has been a driving force in the quick development and deployment of Loop marketing campaigns for Big Crowd Media. Jonathan is a big believer in this uptrending market of influencer marketing. He is proud to be at the forefront in this exciting market.

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