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The Sister Accord Foundation Announces New Round of 2021 Scholarships and Grants

The Sister Accord Foundation, the organization that is changing the way girls and women treat, support and interact with each other, recently announced that it is giving $20,000 in scholarships and grants to women in the United States and Zimbabwe. Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder and CEO of The Sister Accord, made the announcement and revealed the deserving participants. These grants and scholarships illustrate that it does not take a huge amount of money to make a significant difference in furthering a woman’s education and business goals.

Honoring the power of sisterhood

The Sister Accord Foundation is awarding two scholarships and one business grant to women in the United States who have worked to advance the three key pillars of The Sister Accord: They have educated girls and women around them, enlightened others of The Power of Sisterhood and worked to eradicate the bullying and violence their peers face every day.

  • Kimora Miller is receiving $7,500 as part of the Nella D. Jackson Memorial Scholarship. She exemplifies leadership, participates in a variety of organizations and volunteers for the non-profit, Our Girls Enrichment Program. Kimora strives to uplift and inspire women to feel confident and live their dreams.
  • Stacey Foster is receiving $7,500 as part of the Nella D. Jackson Memorial Scholarship. She is a dynamic activist with a reputation for public service, community engagement and political advocacy. Stacey served as Miss Freshman 2019-2020 at Alabama State. She believes in humanity for all mankind and strives to lead in a positive manner.
  • Iris T. London, of ITL Fitness, will receive $1,500. She is a fitness instructor who blends dance and strength training to enable clients to get the most out of every session. Iris was an integral part of The Sister Accord Presents The Power Hour~ish Feeding Your Mind, Body & Soul Virtual Tour. The program began during the pandemic to help people across the country take care of their physical and mental health at a time of great angst and fear.

Making a difference in women’s lives

“These scholarships and grants demonstrate that all financial help, whatever the size, has the power to make a significant difference in the lives of students and businesswomen. In 2022, we are going to focus on finding additional partners that understand the value of making a difference and are open to using their resources to help girls and women realize their dreams. The seeds that we are planting today will positively impact future generations all around the world. It is part of my Legacy of Love,” said Sonia Jackson Myles.

In Zimbabwe, The Sister Accord Foundation is providing grants to women business owners to help them grow their businesses and support their communities. Additionally, one educational grant will go to a student at The University of Zimbabwe.

  • Laura Chinyama is receiving a $500 scholarship as part of the Nella D. Jackson Memorial Scholarship. She broke barriers at her Zimbabwe high school by taking woodshop and computer science classes once reserved for male students. When she noticed her female peers were falling behind in mathematics, she established an after-school tutoring group. Laura is a member of The University of Zimbabwe’s Debate Society and runs a small financial aid program for students.
  • The Sister Accord Foundation will provide six remarkable women with $500 each to invest toward their businesses. Recipients are Marvellous Chiwawa, Patronella Mubaiwa, Alice Chinake, Nomsa Rwodzi, Keretia Chikowe and Angeline Sithole. These women submitted business plans for creating and selling food products from peanut butter to poultry to sausage.

The Sister Accord Ambassador for Zimbabwe Thabani Patience Gambiza, Founder of the TPM Foundation, and The Sister Accord Partner Zvisinei Dzepasi Mamutse, Founder of Vasikana Project, presented the awards at a beautiful and emotional event held on December 11th. 

About The Sister Accord

The Sister Accord Foundation (a 501c3 organization) is focused on enabling girls and women to establish and nurture positive, supportive and loving relationships with each other. To help support any other of The Sister Accord initiatives, please visit To donate to The Sister Accord Foundation, please visit

There’s still time to apply for these money resources before the end of the year!

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