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The Sister Accord® Accelerator Opens Applications for 2nd Cohort Funding for Female Entrepreneurs

The Sister Accord® Foundation recently announced that applications are now open for funding through The Sister Accord® Accelerator. The program helps female entrepreneurs rapidly grow and scale their businesses through a combination of grants, education and mentorship. Jean Freeman, CEO and Principal of advertising agency Zambezi, is giving $50,000 in funding. Sonia Jackson Myles will provide $10,000 to fund a sixth grant. Jackson Myles founded the Sister Accord® Foundation. The organization is changing the way girls and women treat, support and interact with each other.

The Sister Accord® Accelerator is designed to fuel the growth of existing women-owned businesses. The organization provides monetary support, business education and mentorship, the tangible tools needed to scale a business. Six women entrepreneurs will receive a $10,000 grant, ongoing mentorship from Jackson Myles and Freeman and additional guidance from several noted business leaders. Accelerator participants will join mentorship meetings and attend educational sessions focused on sales, marketing, operations and growth.

The program invites applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must have started an official registered business in the U.S.
  • Participants must attend all sessions over a five-month period in order to receive the full $10,000 business grant.
  • Company must have 51 percent ownership by a woman who is also the strategic leader in the operations of the business.

To be considered, complete applications by 11:59 PM EST on May 31, 2024. 

Prior to The Accord Group LLC, Jackson Myles spent her 20+ year career managing over $20 billion for global companies: Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company and The Gillette Company. Freeman is principal and CEO at Zambezi, a women-owned and creatively-led advertising agency. Zambezi has been recognized as a six-time Honoree of the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies and one of the “100 Fast Growing Companies in LA” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. 

Participants from the first cohort reported the grants and mentorship had many positive impacts on their businesses. Dr. Susan Lovelle, founder and CEO of Balanced Performance, shared about the program. It delivered “unprecedented clarity and strategic focus and was pivotal in shaping my approach to growth. The funding from the Accelerator enabled me to leverage new opportunities effectively and maximize my business’ potential.”

Accelerator for female entrepreneurs

“The Sister Accord® Accelerator is a masterclass that you won’t find anywhere else. The investment, empowerment, belief system, expertise and genuine dedication to small businesses like mine has kept us in business after a five-year drought and has caused our revenue and capacity to increase exponentially,” said Kimberly Huckleby, Owner and President, Whistle Clean Service Inc.

“Studies continue to show that women are still not receiving the funding they need for their businesses. Women-owned businesses receive less than 3 percent of venture capital funds,” said Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder of The Sister Accord® Foundation and The Sister Accord® Accelerator. “I often see women business owners turn their passions into a business and get stuck not knowing how to scale. This program ensures that they have the tools and knowledge to get them to where they want to be. In addition, they receive a financial grant. I feel honored that Jean sees the potential in this program and partnered to create the curriculum and help lead. The generous support of Zambezi has made this second class possible.”

“Our purpose with The Sister Accord® Accelerator for female entrepreneurs is to see more women entrepreneurs succeed in growing and scaling their businesses,” said Jean Freeman, Principal and CEO at Zambezi. “Women-owned businesses are a primary driver for the US economy. Women create innovation and promote greater diversity within their organizations. This will lead us to a more equitable workforce and beyond.”

About The Sister Accord® Foundation

The Sister Accord® Foundation, a 501c3 organization, focuses on enabling girls and women to establish and nurture positive, supportive and loving relationships with each other. The Sister Accord® LLC’s ‘Sisterhood & Brotherhood in The Workplace Platform has made a significant, positive difference in corporate America and around the globe.

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