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The Entreprenistas Launch Community To Empower and Inspire Women Leaders

Entreprenista League is a community of trailblazing women providing access to peer-to-peer support, exclusive content and virtual events guaranteed to lead to meaningful business connections

 Entreprenista recently announced the launch of The Entreprenista League. Above all, the Entreprenista League is a membership community for the current and future generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Entreprenista is a digital media company that aims to help women grow and scale their businesses. Its founders also created the leading social media agency, Socialfly.

“As women in business, our days are filled with challenges: from marketing, to management, to financial, and there are numerous speedbumps we encounter on the road to success. Our goal is to provide a community for women to help navigate these hurdles and a network to help take their business to the next level,” said Stephanie Cartin, CEO of Entreprenista and Co-Founder of Socialfly. “The Entreprenista League leverages the proven business tools, resources and solutions that have helped us successfully scale our business, Socialfly, and makes the time you spend building your business fun, collaborative and guaranteed to lead to meaningful connections.”

A community for the next generation of women entrepreneurs

The Entreprenista League provides direct access to Stephanie, Courtney and their inner circle of successful female founders and entrepreneurs. It also provides free trials and discounts to the business tools and solutions that have helped them scale their businesses. Similarly, members can leverage the Entreprenista platform for website and social media features. This allows them to access a large and powerful audience for personal brand and business exposure. They can also receive peer-to-peer support, mentorship, educational programming and access to exclusive content and virtual networking events. These events are guaranteed to lead to meaningful connections. The goal is chiefly to empower, inspire and help the current and aspiring generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. In brief, the Entreprenista League aims to help them pursue their dreams and celebrate their success.

“As a serial entrepreneur and someone currently running multiple businesses, I have found the Entreprenista platform to be an exceptional way to convey the truth about being an entrepreneur blended with the special and unique benefit of being a mother and a spouse and how those attributes carry forward into leadership,” said Melissa Facchina, Co-Founder of Siddhi Capital. “I have found over my years that women tend to want to help other women but they often don’t know how to leverage a broad approach to do so. Stephanie and Courtney have created a platform – more importantly a network – where experiences, fears, successes, challenges, strengths and weaknesses can be shared and discussed.”

Sharing knowledge and inspiration

The Entreprenista community is chiefly made up of female founders and decision makers. It also includes aspiring Entreprenistas who get to learn the secrets to running a business from women who’ve done it. Every day, Entreprenista’s site and social pages feature female founders and leaders. The pages also feature the business tools and solutions they’ve used to become successful. It started with The Entreprenista Podcast, which hosts successful female leaders each week. The podcast offers a chance to get into the nitty gritty of what it’s like really to run a company. Some recent guests include Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-founder of Gilt and Glamsquad; Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter; and Suzanne Somers.

To learn more about the Entreprenista League and apply today, visit

To listen to recent episodes of the Entreprenista podcast visit You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple PodcastsiHeart Radio or Spotify.

About Entreprenista

Entreprenista empowers women by celebrating and sharing the stories, lessons and business insights of female leaders. It does this while creating a community that cultivates meaningful business connections and support.

Whether they’re partnering with solutions to help our audience make the most of their ecommerce site, or producing curated virtual events guaranteed to lead to meaningful connections, Entreprenista is the #1 resource to help women succeed in business.

About Socialfly

Headquartered in New York City, Socialfly is a female-founded and led team of digital experts who are setting the new standard for reaching, engaging and converting women audiences on social media. As a non-traditional marketing partner, Socialfly provides brands with social media strategy, platform management, influencer marketing, paid media and creative services. Socialfly’s mission is to empower and enable women to feel genuinely seen, heard and supported by the brands they follow on social media. Founded in 2013, the agency has transformed over 300+ clients’ social strategies and has won several industry awards.

Read about how you can help raise the next generation of female entrepreneurs!

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