Survature’s New Survey Platform Takes Center Stage At Investor Conference

Survature is an all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities

Survature's New Survey Platform Takes Center Stage At Investor Conference - Lioness MagazineSurvature is a hot new company shaking up the world of polls and surveys. Where traditional surveys simply serve up respondents’ answers to questions, Survature delivers those answers and reveals participants’ priorities.

Survature was front-and-center at the 36|86 Conference in Nashville, Tenn. June 8-10. The 36|86 is designed to expose investors from around the country to the most promising startups. Some of the most notable entrepreneurs of the past decade will also present at 36|86.

“Survature is an all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities,” said Jian Huang, the CEO of Survature who presented at 36|86. “When you know what’s important to people, you can make better decisions. We can’t wait to tell 36|86 participants about Survature.”

Jian Huang, the CEO of Survature.
Jian Huang, the CEO of Survature.

According to Huang, the biggest complaint that companies and organizations conducting surveys have is low response rates – which leads to weak data. With simple two-minute surveys that people want to take, Survature averages a completion rate of at least 70 percent, which is unheard of in the field of surveys. Huang says this is a game-changer for Survature customers

Since the early 1900s, surveys have been used to gather information about people – but the way surveys work had not changed at all until Survature was created. Survature’s revolutionary interface leads to completion rates three to five times higher than the industry average, and Survature gives companies and organizations insight into the priorities and behavior of their target audience.

Survature’s one-of-a-kind interface allows survey takers to give responses in any order they want. While they are interacting with the question, the Survature data engine is assessing their behavior. In essence, Survature listens and records what a respondent said and how they said it. This added insight empowers companies and organizations to make the right decisions and gives them a dramatic competitive advantage.

Survature started with a team consisting equally of people who love designing user interface and people obsessed with the science of data analysis. In just two years, that team has changed the way businesses collect and analyze market information. Companies including HGTV, Bonnaroo, Bristol Motor Speedway and Varsity Spirit Corp. use Survature to gather market information and insight.

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