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StartupOS Launches Platform for Early-Stage Startups

StartupOS launched its platform for early-stage startups that provides free access to the business tools, guidance, mentors and investors that founders need to accelerate the growth of their company and raise capital. The platform, which empowers founders through a series of learn-by-doing exercises that allow for assessment and benchmarking at any stage or need in a startup’s journey, is perfect for validating ideas, building an MVP (minimally viable product) or achieving product market fit—all with the goal of dramatically increasing the probability of a startup’s long-term success. Founded in partnership with, and backed by SVB, the parent of Silicon Valley Bank, StartupOS is now open to receive applications from founders, mentors, sponsors and business partners alike to be a part of this exciting ecosystem which includes startup pitch day events.

Led by CEO and Co-Founder Paul Pluschkell, a serial entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience, and multiple successful exits including MXNet, IXnet, Spigit, Global Center, and Kandy, StartupOS aims to dramatically increase the overall number of startups and their probability of success for new, personally and regionally diverse generations of founders.

“One of the primary reasons startups are successful is because they were empowered from the beginning of their journey with access to the tools, sources of funding and network needed to support the growth of their company. Unfortunately, however, not every founder has the same level of empowerment and support due to their background and or geographic location,” said Paul Pluschkell, CEO, StartupOS. “Through StartupOS, we aim to change that.”

Our staff at Lioness reached out to learn more from some of StartupOS’s customers:

“StartupOS does a great job at ensuring that the investor perspective is coming through to you in the tool with tips and hints… and in validating (or invalidating) my own strategies and vision for the product…” said Shannon Aylesworth of MyHealthHatch.

“StartupOS has a great platform to take you through all the steps of building your business right. I’m glad I found the platform when I did. I can’t wait to see what it becomes!” said Ivelysse Velez of Heartbeat Fashion.

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Current and future programs

At launch, the StartupOS platform will feature highly experienced founders and successful business executives ready to mentor with startups on the platform, providing them with access to the knowledge, best practices and expertise in the areas they need the most. With applications equally open for additional mentors to join the platform, StartupOS will build the largest Mentor Network geared towards helping and improving the next generation of founders’ chances of success. 

In early Q1 2023, founders will be able to connect to a network of investors to provide them with access to much-needed sources of funding through a series of matched connections on the platform.

“We know from working with thousands of startups, that validating an idea, developing product-market fit, and getting feedback from a trusted community of peers and mentors is incredibly important to the success of a young company,” said Ashraf Hebela, StartupOS board member and Head of SVB Startup Banking at Silicon Valley Bank. “We’re proud to support StartupOS and their mission to provide equitable access to business tools and sources of funding for all founders.”

The platform will also feature an extensive Partner Ecosystem that offers founders access to the best solutions and services that every startup needs to simplify their back office operations. Through multiple offerings and StartupOS discounts, founders will be able to easily and affordably set up their back office needs, company formation and run business operations to ensure they build high-quality and successful businesses.

About StartupOS

StartupOS is a platform for early-stage startups that provides free access to the business tools, guidance, mentors, and investors that founders need to accelerate the growth of their company and raise capital. The platform, which connects founders to an extensive network of mentors and investors through a series of matched connections, aims to dramatically increase both the overall number and probability of long-term success for a new generation of personally and regionally diverse founders. Through a series of learn-by-doing exercises, founders receive the guidance necessary to assess and benchmark their startup’s journey or need, making it the perfect platform for validating ideas, building an MVP (minimally viable product), or achieving product market fit. The platform equally offers founders access to an extensive Partner Ecosystem loaded with the best solutions and services to simplify their back office operations. For more information, visit

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