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Small Female-founded Beauty Brands You Should Support this Holiday Season

This holiday season, we’re showcasing some female-founded beauty brands focusing on empowerment, inclusivity and passion. Each of these brands has a unique story and is run by women committed to redefining beauty standards and embracing individuality. From makeup that caters to diverse skin tones and journeys to products inspired by crime investigation and flat ponytails, these brands celebrate self-expression and innovation. These female-founded beauty brands are transforming the industry – join us in supporting them!

BASMA Beauty (USA)

After suffering third-degree burns on her face as an infant, Basma turned to makeup but constantly felt neglected by beauty brands where shade ranges were scarce and formulas were cakey. So she made her own. She has developed formulas with not just your skin tone in mind, but also your skin journey, skin type, lifestyle – all the things that determine when, why, and how you prefer your makeup to work.

Boss Up Cosmetics (USA)

BossUp Cosmetics was founded by then-14-year-old Aaliyah Arnold in 2018. Celebrating individuality and empowerment, her journey is a testament to the unstoppable spirit of young entrepreneurs. The company is proud to be Black and Latina-owned, championing diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Bymelolops (Puerto Rico)

Bymelolops is a woman/Latina-owned makeup brand based in Puerto Rico! Brand owner and founder Melodié Cristal launched Bymelolops in 2019 to provide high-quality, cruelty-free and vegan, innovative makeup products that inspire all kinds of creatives to keep expressing themselves in a fun, colorful, experimental way!

Duafe Beauties (Aurora, CO)

Patience PuniNimako, the 24-year-old founder of Duafe Beauties, was born in Italy with Ghanaian roots. Faced with limited makeup options for her skin tone and budget, she launched Duafe Beauties to revolutionize the industry. Her brand caters to those like herself seeking affordable makeup that celebrates diverse skin tones while embracing cultural identity.

Makeup A Murder, INC® (Lakeland, Florida)

More than a cosmetics manufacturer, Makeup A Murder is known for crafting bold, beautiful glamor tied around their love for forensic science within crime investigation. Founded by Theresa Spencer to empower other women, their mission is to help you create your personal renaissance to reemerge as the bold, courageous, badass, gorgeous self you always wanted to be.

Marylia Scott Cosmetics (USA)

Marylia Scott (founder) is a Puerto Rican mother, wife and makeup lover. After attending art school and dipping her toe into the world of advertising, she found that she wasn’t being creatively fulfilled in a traditional work environment. She channeled her passion for makeup, modeling and post-production into her Instagram account, garnering a following for her bold and imaginative beauty looks. This eventually led to her creation of Marylia Scott Cosmetics in 2019.

Sinister Love Cosmetics (USA)

Taiga Del Sol (founder) made these creepy cute cosmetics for every cutie with a dark side. Looking deadly doesn’t mean it has to be. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free to keep everyone safe and happy. They work with local and independent artists to support other small businesses.

Smidge (Canada)

Nora Chan is the visionary and entrepreneur behind Smidge Beauty, a Canada-based company that is reshaping cosmetics. Her passion for clean, eco-conscious makeup stems from a revelation about the industry’s plastic waste. Frustrated by the lack of affordable, biodegradable options, she founded Smidge Beauty, offering top-notch, cruelty-free products that prioritize skin health and the environment, inspiring mindful makeup rituals.

Pony Popper (Ada, Michigan)

Hairstylist Dana Bremner (founder) created the Pony Popper in 2018 to help add volume to her and her clients’ ponytails. This product recently went viral on TikTok, and their page currently stands at 703k total likes.

Yva Expressions (USA)

Yva, AKA Darkise Jean (founder), has always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so starting this brand was a dream come true for her. Yva Expressions is an anime and gaming aesthetic-inspired makeup brand, driven by the founder’s love of anime. Their mission is to encourage others to express themselves through what they love and to be unapologetically themselves.

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Phoebe Sahlas is from Northeast Massachusetts. She has a passion for female empowerment and a great affinity for the beauty industry - spending her free time creating and showcasing makeup looks for social media. Phoebe graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2023, double-majoring in Public Relations and Communications.

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