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SHEconomics: An Original Series Celebrates the Journey of Female Entrepreneurs

This new series unveiled focuses on business transformation, agility and innovation for small and medium-size businesses.

TriNet, a provider of comprehensive human resources for small and medium-size businesses, recently announced the launch of its new original series, SHEconomics. This new series honors visionary women who are blazing new trails as CEOs and founders. TriNet is working in partnership with creator and co-producer, Radivision, to produce it.

Announcing the series

The world premiere of the series was revealed during the 2nd annual, award-winning, TriNet PeopleForce. PeopleForce is a four-day in-person conference at The Times Center in New York City (built by renowned architect Renzo Piano). It will also be streamed virtually from anywhere. The four-day event kicked off on Sept. 13 with an impressive roster of distinguished speakers. Speakers shared timely and insightful content vital to business success and the future of work.

Emily Chang and Rachel Tipograph

SHEconomics features female entrepreneurs

The SHEconomics series will be hosted by acclaimed executive producer Emily Chang. Chang is an anchor at Bloomberg Technology and best-selling author of Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley. In a series of fireside chats, Chang will interview women entrepreneurs around various topics. Topics include these entrepreneurs’ successes, lessons learned and how they’ve overcome challenges.  

“It is a powerful time for entrepreneurs as they come out of the pandemic forged by the trials and tribulations of the last couple years. With SHEconomics, we are giving a platform to the unique and diverse voices of the business world that have emerged from the fray,” said TriNet Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer Michael Mendenhall. “This series will feature women sharing their fascinating stories. They will usher in the next generation of entrepreneurs with advice, encouragement and understanding.”

Launch and future episodes

The premiere episode of SHEconomics features Rachel Tipograph, Founder & CEO of TriNet customer and ecommerceenablement and analytics company MikMak. Seven more episodes are planned for release over the next six months. The series will culminate in the launch of the inaugural SHEconomics Editorial Production on Radivision in 2022.

“It brings me great excitement to see SHEconomics come to life with our esteemed partner TriNet,” said Radivision CEO & Founder Mona DeFrawi, who is also creator and co-producer of SHEconomics. “I have experienced and witnessed the under-empowerment of women-led startups and have long sought to improve visibility for them. Women received only 2.3 percent of all VC funding in 2020 at an estimated cost to the US economy of $5T of lost GDP. My vision with SHEconomics is to align the startup ecosystem to top research results proving that inclusion of women as founders, co-founders, executives, directors, etc., in all cases produced greater results. Everyone wins when investment aligns with the truth of entrepreneurial success revealed by the research.”

Episode one premieres on TriNet Rise, and future episodes of SHEconomics will be available on TriNet RISE and through Radivision

TriNet PeopleForce took place September 13-16. TriNet PeopleForce is a one-of-a-kind event taking place both virtually and in-person from New York City. The conference brings together business, culture and the arts with a roster of high-profile leaders to help SMBs reimagine, rebuild and move forward as they come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees will hear from renowned speakers and experts on topics such as SMB agility, calculated risk-taking, the future of work, business resiliency, DEI, healthcare, the state of the economy for SMBs and much more. TriNet PeopleForce also fosters networking opportunities for its participants with business leaders from across the country.

About TriNet

TriNet provides small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from HR complexities, TriNet offers access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. From Main Street to Wall Street, TriNet empowers SMBs to focus on what matters most-growing their business. TriNet, incredible starts here. For more information, visit

About Radivision

Radivision is streaming and community platform for the startup ecosystem that shares fascinating stories of Radical Visionaries to entertain, inform and connect viewers to entrepreneurial success. Radivision’s award-winning original series, user-generated and curated content help everyone navigate this complex and private industry and connect to potential investment opportuntiies. Radivision is dedicated to maximizing entrepreneurial success for everyone by democratizing the private markets.

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