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Saija Mahon e1529716680460

Saija Mahon: Entrepreneurship Is Music To Her Ears

Creator of Mahon Digital Marketing, Ltd., Saija Mahon talks briefly about her history with entrepreneurship and how that history lead to her successes.

Some people have a knack for business. Saija Mahon has a passion for it. After working for some of the biggest global media houses in the world, Mahon decided to launch her own. That company, Mahon Digital Marketing, Ltd., is an award-winning digital media agency, specializing in biddable media, website, search engine, content marketing, and social media optimization. The company even has offices in London, Turku, Finland, and locations throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Growing up in Finland in a family of entrepreneurs, Saija Mahon saw, up close, the challenges and triumphs of running a business. It was no surprise to those who knew her when she started her own company years later.

“My dad runs a construction company; my uncle, aunt, and cousin run a printing firm; and my brother is a freelance ship’s captain,” said Mahon. “You could say entrepreneurship is in my blood.”

Mahon didn’t always run her own business. She worked for some of the biggest global media houses in the world before deciding to launch her own business in 2010. She didn’t stop there. Passionate about business and sharing her knowledge, Mahon started The Caviar Club, a Scandinavian, events-based networking firm, and Lonely Robot Web Design.

Mahon loves mentoring women too. An official mentor for Girls in Tech London and Helsinki, Mahon believes in helping girls, women, and men advance to the next level in their careers and education. “Business fascinates me and I love sharing my excitement and my knowledge with others,” Mahon said.

In her spare time, which, admittedly, is limited, Mahon, who lives in Hertfordshire, near London, spends time with her husband, daughter, Naomi, and extended family. If you don’t already think Mahon has a lot on her plate, she’s also a DJ. That’s right. Along with heading up three companies, DJ Saya also spins, produces music and hosts a radio show.

Mahon said, “I absolutely love being immersed in music and DJing is my way of doing that.”

Mahon acknowledges how hard it is to run a business. “The road to success is full of ups and downs, and ups again, fortunately. It’s an adventure and I’m happy to be living my best life every day.”

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