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Rebecca Lannon of Reveel Named Recipient of 2023 Women in Supply Chain Award

Reveel is a Shipping Intelligence Platform that enables companies to level the playing field with carriers. Recently, they announced Rebecca Lannon, an Analyst in Contract Management at Reveel, as one of the winners of this year’s Women in Supply Chain Award. This prestigious recognition comes from Food Logistics, the exclusive publication covering the global cold food supply chain, and Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the sole publication dedicated to the entire global supply chain.

The annual award recognizes female supply chain leaders and executives. These women are honored for their achievements, mentorship, and role modeling. They help establish a strong foundation for women at all levels within a company’s supply chain network.

Praise for Rebecca’s contributions

“Rebecca is a key part of the Reveel team and her contributions to our company – as well as the industry as a whole – are tremendous. Her efforts in advancing the understanding and use of data science and other advanced technologies in the parcel shipping industry is helping many companies to finally break the vicious cycle of relying on expensive consultants, helping teams learn to self-manage their parcel spending and carrier contract negotiations.” –  Josh Dunham, Co-Founder and CEO of Reveel

Rebecca’s work with customers’ logistics and operations staff helped elevate their visibility and value within their organizations. Rebecca has taught staff how to use advanced technology for measuring KPIs that were previously too difficult to measure. This technology supports everything from simple reporting to strategic and tactical decision-making. She also played an active role in guiding customer teams in using technology to manage their parcel spending. Her efforts have led to an average 22 percent reduction in parcel spending for customers this year.

Recognizing the achievements of Women in Supply Chain

“This year, we received over 400 submissions, the highest amount of applications for all of our awards. What’s more, 118 of those applications were submitted by male counterparts, nominating their boss, co-worker, or associate. Last year, that figure was just at 75. Also this year, 39 women self-nominated, a tremendous uptick from last year’s award, which just saw 12 self-nominations. This shows progress. This shows hope that one day, we won’t need an award like this because men and women in the supply chain will be equal,” says Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “While there’s still more work to be done, what we’re doing is working. From truck drivers to CEOs, what these winners are doing matters to the future of all supply chains.”

Go to https://foodl.me/fdx1zi to view the full list of winners. Recipients will be honored at this year’s Women in Supply Chain Forum, set to take place Nov. 14-15, 2023 in Atlanta. Go to www.WomenInSupplyChainForum.com to register and learn more.

“Women have been making a significant impact in supply chain management, contributing to the growth and innovation of the supply chain industry. As more women join the supply chain workforce, they bring diverse perspectives that can help address complex supply chain problems and improve global supply chain operations. It is important that we empower, recognize, and elevate these achievements through initiatives like the Women in Supply Chain Award, as seen through the overwhelming response. Congratulations to all the winners, those who nominated others, and the bravery of those who nominated themselves,” adds Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, founder of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast and Blended Pledge project, both exclusive sponsors of the Women in Supply Chain award.

For more information on how Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform can help efficiently control parcel spending and utilize technology, click here.

About Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Food Logistics reaches more than 26,000 supply chain executives in the global food and beverage industries. This includes executives in the food sector, encompassing growers, producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and grocers. Furthermore, it also reaches the logistics section, involving transportation, warehousing, distribution, software, and technology professionals.

They share a mutual interest in the operations and business aspects of the global cold food supply chain. Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the only supply chain publication covering the entire global supply chain, focusing on trucking, warehousing, packaging, procurement, risk management, professional development, and more. Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive also operate SCN Summit and Women in Supply Chain Forum. Go to www.FoodLogistics.com and www.SDCExec.com to learn more.

About Reveel

Reveel is the leading Parcel Shipping Intelligence™ Platform that enables companies to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS. Its unique technology enables shippers to break free of expensive parcel shipping consultants. They do this with an easy-to-use software app that brings transparency to the black box of carrier agreements. With over 17 years of parcel agreement management expertise and over $1.2B in parcel spend under management, the company’s SaaS app provides actionable insights to make smarter business decisions, optimize carrier agreements, and give shippers peace of mind. Reveel empowers customers to leverage the power of data science and peer comparison data to capture significant ROI. For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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